Travel Shop Alleppey Houseboat Guide 2022

You might be very familiar with the Alleppey houseboat thanks to the many travel websites and magazines you read before deciding your next holiday destination. If you have finalized the idea of trying a nature-centric houseboat excursion, we urge you to read Travel shop’s insider guide. Covering details about safety, how to choose an excursion according to your budget, and more, this guide will help you make the correct alleppey houseboat booking.

Learn more about Alleppey Houseboat

An Alleppey houseboat is locally known as a Kettuvallam and was traditionally used as a cargo boat that carried materials like rice. A descendant of the Uru boat, this dhow-like wooden ship was primarily made by carpenters in Beypore, a city south of the Kozhikode port. The Kerala backwaters were used to transport men and goods in boats of varying sizes and shapes, even in ancient times.

Over time, these kettuvallams evolved into the modern houseboats that have become one of Kerala’s most sought-after experiences. They have undoubtedly become a symbol of Kerala’s tourism and are nothing less than luxuriously comfortable floating hotels that local and international travelers enjoy. There are approximately 4000 houseboats, some of which are operated illegally. The locals also use them as an evening outing to host lunch gatherings or simply as transport. There are numerous professional houseboat operators for excursions that are covered by insurance. One of the best practices before making an Alleppey houseboat booking is to read the customer reviews of the operator. You also need to ensure that the boat goes through routine check-ups by the Kerala tourism authorities for boat balance, fitness, and captain license.

The Marina for all houseboats is the Vembanad Lake, the largest lake in Kerala and the longest in India. The lake is picturesque and breaks off into 6 different rivers, Achankovil, Manimala, Meenachil, Muvattupuzha, Pamba, and Periyar. To know the exact location of the houseboat you booked, you will need to ask the operator through whom you booked your excursion or us.

To check-in to your alleppey houseboat kerala, you need to get to Vembanad lake. Depending on your preference or where you are traveling from, these are the nearest access points for public transportation:

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If you are traveling from abroad, the nearest airport to Vembanad Lake is the

Cochin International Airport,
2.5 hours’ drive

Nearest train station :

Alappuzha railway station,
20-30 minutes drive

Nearest bus station :

Alappuzha KSRTC Bus Stand,
8-10 minutes drive

If you have booked an alleppey houseboat luxury excursion and want to start with a private drop-off, this can also be arranged for an additional price.

With 4000 boats in Alleppey, numerous options will fit within your budget. If you specify your budget, we can select a suitable houseboat rental and secure it for you. Do you want to know What is the cost of houseboat in alleppey? The Alleppey houseboat price mentioned below are full-board(inclusive of all 3 meals) basis. Transportation can also be arranged upon request for an additional price.

Tour Rates in INR Rates in USD Rates in Pounds
Sightseeing tour on a
house boat
A day trip for 4-6 hours might
cost per person 1000—2000 INR
13-26 USD 10-20 GBP
Overnight stay on a
budget boat
7500-8500 per couple per night 100-110 USD 75-85 GBP
Overnight stay on a
standard/ deluxe boat
8500-9500 per couple per night 110-125 USD 85- 95 GBP
Overnight stay on a
premium boat
11500-12500 per couple per night 150-165 USD 115-125 GBP
Alleppey Honeymoon
special boat
21500 per couple per night 282 USD 215 GBP

The Kerala Tourism Authority has implemented many safety and precautionary regulations and does methodical houseboat inspections. They also closely observe the condition of the houseboat and its operation to guarantee the safety of travelers. The houseboats are made with safety in mind by following the strict rules laid out by the State government after a few accidents that happened on the lake.

The crime rate in Kerala is very low because of the “Crime Stopper” arrangement that allows people to pass on crucial information regarding any criminal activity. The Kerala Police force is also very attentive and helpful towards locals, especially tourists. Any request for help or complaints can be addressed through the help hotline 100.

Every tourist visiting Kerala yearns to experience an alleppey houseboat one day package at the least. These are some of the mandatory Alleppey houseboat safety rules you should keep in mind and strictly follow:

  • Roof-top travel is prohibited
  • Wearing life jackets is compulsory
  • Do not go out onto the lake without informing the crew onboard your houseboat
  • Do not do anything that causes the boat to rock
  • Do not lean on the side as it can result in the boat losing balance
  • Do not get on to or off of the boat until it has been completely stopped, parked, and anchored
  • If traveling with children, be attentive as the canals and backwaters are deep
  • Requests for swimming in the lake or canals will not be approved
  • Consumption of alcohol onboard is prohibited as intoxication can lead to unexpected accidents
  • Abstain from littering as the backwater is a protected zone
  • Become familiar with the on-board equipment and systems
  • Remember the location of equipment on-board and understand their use

Emergency Safety Precautions Inside Houseboat:

Every houseboat is stocked with safety equipment like life jackets and buoys in case of an emergency. Every houseboat also has a mobile phone with which the occupants can communicate with the office. Additionally, ground staff are on operation 24 hours a day. All operations, entertainment, and safety of guests are controlled by Kerala’s statutory safety of Inland Vessel Rules and Act 2010. All houseboats must have the following mandatory Houseboat Safety Equipments:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Throw Rings & Orange SOS Flag
  • First Aid Kit
  • 12v Electric Bilge Pumps
  • Gasoline Fume Detector
  • Automatic Engine Compartment Fire Suppression System
  • Anchors & Ropes (appropriate to your houseboat type)

Alleppey belongs to a developing country, so it is impractical to expect 5-star meals and service in these houseboats. Suppose you are very particular about the quality or standard. In that case, the best option for you will be to stay in a 5-star hotel in Alleppey and choose a suitable experience from the many daytime alleppey houseboat packages. You can look at the list of 5-star hotels and check their reviews before finalizing.

The majority of our customers request for the alleppey best houseboat. This was and will always depend on your budget, which operator you choose to book from, and the boat operators' level of planning and execution to enhance your experience. Travel Shop dedicates our time to finding the best houseboats for you to book from, and you can find out by contacting our guest service team.

If you are staying a few days in Alleppey and have no clue what to do, here are some things that can keep you occupied.

1. Hindu Temples and Festivals

Chettikulangara Bharani is one of Alappuzha's most stunning festivities, held at the Chettikulangara Temple near Mavelikara. The festival honors Goddess Bhagavathy and takes place in the Malayalam month of Kumbham (February-March). The whole town comes alive, and joy spreads throughout the landscape.

The Kettukazhcha is one of the festival's main attractions. These are massive constructions adorned with cloth, flowers, and ornaments. Thousands of people work to build these 90-100 foot tall constructions that consist of a Theru (chariot), Kuthira (horse), and three famous figures from Indian epics - Bhima, Hanuman, and Panchali. The inhabitants and guests travel to the temple via city routes to join in the celebration. There are also various art and folk shows put on each year, making it a remarkable experience.

2. Boat Races in Alleppey

If you are in Alleppey between June and July, you can see quite a few competitive sports with the boat. The Nehru Trophy Boat Race is held on the second Saturday of August in Punnamada lake.

During the Onam festival, Sree Narayana Jayanthi Vallam Kali is celebrated at Kumarakom. The Champakulam Moolam Boat Race is held on the Moolam day of the Malayalam month of Midhunam, which is usually between June and July.

3. Visit Royal Krishnapuram Palace

If you are into learning more about Alleppey's history and culture, there's no better place to start than the magnificent Krishnapuram Palace. This splendid palace, known as the historical stronghold of the Travancore kingdom, was built by Anziham Thirunal Marthanda Varma.

The ancient beauty is the essence of Kerala architecture and is a must-see for architectural and history enthusiasts. The palace has been converted into a museum, which houses numerous precious sculptures, paintings on canvas, bronze artifacts, and other relics. The palace's architectural design represents the traditional art of South India, with dome-shaped windows, gabled roofs, and narrow corridors.

4.Churches Galore

Churches have played an essential part in the history of Alleppey and Kerala. Apart from being an important symbol of christianity, it also displays unique architectural styles. Arthunkal Church, Edathua Church, St. Francis Church, and Santa Cruz Basilica are some of the must explore churches.

2 Hours Drive from Alleppey - Kochi

Kochi is the cultural and economic capital of Kerala. This port town strikes the ideal balance between the old and the new. Although its skyline has evolved to match the modern vibes, you can still see its rich culture woven through the city. From being a beach lover's heaven to showcasing the epitome of graceful nature through its backwaters, Kochi will sweep you off your feet. The city is also home to the captivating dance form known as Kathakali.

4 Hours Drives from Alleppey - Thekkady

Periyar is the ideal destination for wildlife enthusiasts and those who crave to relax in the misty highlands of the Nilgiris. The famous Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is also located in Thekkady. You can watch elephants roaming freely throughout the sanctuary, explore the lush green forests, take a boat ride on Periyar Lake, or go on an elephant safari into the wild.

4-5 Hours Drives from Alleppey - Munnar

Munnar is regarded as one of Kerala's most beautiful tourist destinations thanks to its blessed location on the Western Ghats. Munnar offers it all: palm-fringed backwaters, breathtaking waterfalls, sunny beaches, hazy highlands, and gushing streams. It is also one of the top tea producers on the Indian subcontinent. Munnar is a unique refuge from city life because it is flanked on one side by a tiny stretch of the Arabian Sea and on the other by the Western Ghats. Munnar's beauty of rolling hills that touch the clouds refreshes your mind and soul.

3 Hours Drives from Alleppey - Thrissur

Thrissur was once the capital of the Kingdom of Cochin, but due to its spiritual, cultural, and religious inclinations throughout history, it is now called Kerala's cultural capital. During the city's holiday season, one can visit various gorgeous temples and churches that are bustling with activity. When visiting Thrissur, you must eat the scrumptious Vellayappam, a type of rice hopper that is a local specialty.


Is there a mobile signal in Vembanad Lake where the Alleppey houseboat tour occurs?

Yes, you can expect around 60 percent of coverage.

What is the minimum stay duration that needs to be booked?

You should at least book an alleppey houseboat one day package. But, if you prefer not to stay overnight, you can choose a day cruise package too.

Is it okay if I get a little later than 12 PM for check-in because of the flight schedule or high traffic?

If you have made a private alleppey houseboat booking, you can request them to wait. For group houseboat bookings, they usually wait 30 minutes for guests stuck in traffic.

Why don’t houseboats cruise after 5.30 pm?

This is a strict rule laid out by the Kerala government. Since the backwaters of Alleppey are connected with many tiny canals, the locals travel along with their tiny rowboats. This is considered very dangerous due to the low visibility at night.

What are the payment methods accepted by TravelShop to pay for my houseboat excursion?

Accept payments through Google Pay, Paytm, ban transfers and all credit/debit cards.

How many people in a house boat?

If you book private boat, you and your loved ones plus one Captain and a chef. If you book a budget one, you will be in group

How long does a typical houseboat journey last?

Houseboats usually start their journey around 12 noon, and guests must check in between 11.30 am and 12.00 pm. The boat cruises until 5.30 pm with an hour’s break in between for lunch. The cruising will start again in the morning at 8 and finish at 9 am.

Can we board a houseboat without any pre-booking?

Yes, it is possible to do this in Alleppey, but this can affect your experience. The houseboats offering high-quality experience are always pre-booked, and it can get hard to search for a good-quality provider on the spot. It is highly recommended to book in advance as you have enough time to weigh the pros and cons.

How many people are allowed to travel in a houseboat?

If you have booked a private experience, it will just be you, your family, a captain, and a chef. If you opt for a budget excursion, it will be a group, depending on the boat’s capacity.

Is transport from the airport or city also included in your houseboat packages?

No, the package charges only for the houseboat experience, and we can always arrange transport from your preferred location for an additional charge.

Which is the best houseboat in Alleppey?

This depends on your budget, preference, and the quality of the experience offered by the houseboat tour provider.

Is Alleppey houseboat safe?

Yes, the houseboats are safe as they have to follow strict safety guidelines laid out by the Kerala government. They also need to go through routine checks to determine the health and functionality of the boat. The government also closely observes the operation, and all boats are equipped with high-tech safety gear.

What are Alleppey houseboat rates for 1 day?

The rates vary depending on the type of experience you have booked. A budget overnight experience will cost approximately 110 USD/night, a deluxe experience will be roughly 125 USD/night, and a premium experience will be anywhere between 150 USD to 165 USD/night. If you have booked a honeymoon experience, you will have to pay around 280 USD per night.