UK Visa From India- A Simplified Guide

2022 Guide, Update May 31, 2022

Whether it's renowned landmarks, stunning seaside vistas, world-class restaurants, or worldwide music festivals, there's something for everyone. Why wait to see the UK? Visit us for exceptional customer service and the cheapest price on UK visa from India.

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Do Indian need visa for United Kingdom?

Indian nationals are not eligible for a free visa. As an Indian citizen, you must obtain a stamped business visa.

How to get UK visa from India?

Let us assist you in 3 minutes by sending us a WhatsApp message.

What is the cost of UK visa from India?

A 6-month UK tourist visa from India cost 14,000 INR, a 2-year tourist visa costs 38,000 INR, a 5-year tourist visa costs 64,000 INR, and a 10-year tourist visa costs 79000 INR.

Can an Indian visit the UK without a visa?

No, Indian nationals are not eligible for visas on arrival in Thailand.

How many different types of UK visa from India?

There are just tourist visas available (6 months short-term & long-term 2-year, 5 years & 10 years)

How long does it take to get a UK visa from India?

A UK visa from India processing time is around 15 to 21 working days, including couriers, to get your tourist visa VFS in Chennai , Banglore, or Kochi. Your tourist visa is good for two years (Multiple Entry).

Our charges are all-inclusive; there are no hidden costs or requirements, such as the requirement to purchase a ticket with us. Our UK visiting visa from India fees includes application processing fees, UK visa fees, GST and service charges, Consulate fees, and 2-way courier fees. Below are the types of UK Visa from India and their respective rates;

Visa Type Rates
Tourist visa 6 months 14,000 INR
Tourist visa 2 years 38,000 INR
Tourist visa 5 years 64,000 INR
Tourist visa 10 years 79,000 INR

The process for UK Visa from India at Travel Shop is always simple and customizable. Depending on where you live, you can come to our office for a hassle-free UK visa from Kerala or contact our guest service team remotely. With us, you can also apply for UK Visa from India online with ease. We are the most trusted UK visa agency in Kerala so you will have a smooth experience.



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Please contact our guest service staff to ensure that we can assist you with the right documents for UK Visa from India. Our experts in UK visa consultation in Kerala have many years of knowledge and will guide you in compiling your UK visa from India documents required for processing.

  • Authentic passport having at least two blank pages, valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival.
  • All previously used passport
  • Form for applying for a visa online;
  • Confirmation of a schedule;
  • Current 35 mm x 45 mm photograph made against a white background. The picture must be digital as well as printed.
  • Revised and certified bank statement from the last six months with appropriate balance
  • Payroll Tax Returns/Form 16 over the last three years
  • Tour schedule that explains the journey
  • Certificate of approved leave, last three months' salary slip, and company visitor card (If employed)
  • Company registration proof, current bank statement, latest three years' IT returns, and visiting card (If you're self-employed.)
  • Invitation notes, copy of the inviter's passport or resident permit, and evidence of address (If visiting family & friends)
  • ID card from school or college (If student)
  • A parent's No Objection Certificate (NOC) and evidence of parental identification (If minor travelling without parents)
  • Statement of Retirement (If retired)
  • Revised financial statements, Funding letter, Sponsor ID proof (if sponsored)
  • Covering letter from Indian company, invitation letter from host company (For Business visa)
  • Fixed Deposits, Share Certificates, Property Investments, and other Investments are examples of supporting financial documents (Optional)
  • Physical Appearance is required for biometrics and document submission at the Visa Application Centres (VAC).

Overstaying your UK visa from India without sufficient justification is a criminal offence under section 24 of the Immigration Act 1971.

If your visa has run out, you have 30 days to depart the UK on your own time or face a re-entry ban. You might also use the 14-day rule to your advantage.

The Immigration Act and the law on overstaying are expected to change in 2022. Under the proposed guidelines, the penalty for knowingly overstaying in the UK will be increased to up to four years in prison, rather than the present maximum of six months.

Due to the confidentiality of information, most grounds for denial are not disclosed; however, after processing and helping many Indians to apply for UK visa from India, we have compiled a list of causes.

The Purpose or Intentions to travel to the UK are not clear

Failure to have the necessary rationale for the purpose and conditions of your travel and stay is one of the key reasons why the consular office will deny your UK visa. As a result, one must be very specific about the type of visa they wish to apply for.

  • presenting an employment and professional qualification that does not correspond to the financial condition
  • Inability to present paperwork proving the purpose of visit and stay in the United Kingdom

Leaving blanks on your forms

Applicants frequently leave blank spaces because they don't understand the questions or don't believe the information provided is sufficient. In such instances, it's best to get advice from someone who knows more about the Visa application procedure. In any scenario, leaving blank spots on the Visa application will result in the application being rejected.

Applying for the wrong type of visa

The purpose of your visit must be reflected in your documents. For example, you cannot opt to visit for tourism purposes while your paperwork suggests business purposes or vice versa. This is one of the most common causes of application rejection.

Failure to meet financial requirements

The High Commission will seek evidence that the applicant has "sufficient funds to meet all reasonable charges in relation to their visit" before deciding on an application. You'd be shocked how many people make this error. It's not only about having enough money; it's also about being able to afford it.

Violated visa conditions on previous visit

This encompasses minor and serious immigration law violations including overstaying your visa or working when your visa does not allow it. The UK High Commission will typically reject an application if the applicant has not complied with immigration procedures."

Visa Denials Based on Criminal Record

If the UK High Commission discovers that an application has a criminal record, the applicant is most likely to be denied a visa.

In India 3 United Kingdom Overseas Missions are available, New Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai

British high commission in New Delhi

011 2419 2100

Founded : 2011, New Delhi

Jurisdiction : India

Hours : Open 24 hours

Shanti path,
Chanakyapuri, New Delhi,
Delhi 110021

British high Commission in Chennai

044 4219 2151

Deputy High Commissioner : Oliver Ball hatchet (since October 2019)

Hours : Opens 8:30AM to 4:30 pm

20,Anderson Rd,
Thousand Lights West,
Gandhi Nagar, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu 600006

British Deputy High Commission in Bangalore

080 2210 0200

Open 24 hours

Prestige Takt, 23,
Kasturba Cross Rd, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560001

Most Interesting Things to do in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a magnificent location, and each of the four countries that make up this island nation contributes something unique. England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are all beautiful places to visit, with wonderful museums and galleries as well as restaurants, cafes, pubs, and clubs. When you combine that with world-class natural beauty, you get one of the world's best travel locations. While nature does its thing, cities and towns hold the fort, and joy can be found anywhere, from Cardiff to London, via Edinburgh, Belfast, and elsewhere. Travel safely.

Tour many of the UK’s incredible National Parks

1. Tour many of the UK’s incredible National Parks

Any list of the finest things to do in the UK will elicit healthy debate, and this one is no exception. Although the UK is small, its scenery is vast and diverse, ranging from rolling green hills and ancient woods to magnificent mountain peaks, picturesque lakes, and rough moors. Take a journey of the UK's 15 National Parks to see all the varied sorts of landscapes the country has to offer, from the flat Norfolk Broads and the wilds of Exmoor to the high drama of the Lake District and Peak District, and the internationally recognized dark skies of Northumberland.

 Wander around a dreamy Italian-style village in Wales

2. Wander around a dreamy Italian-style village in Wales

You'd be excused for believing you were in southern Europe rather than North Wales if you were dumped in the middle of Portmeirion. The village's multicoloured Italian-inspired architecture is unearthly. Portmeirion Village is a colourful collection of rainbow-hued buildings set on its own calm peninsula reaching into an estuary, designed entirely by Welsh architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis. Although it isn’t an honest depiction of life in Wales it does make a darling visit thanks to the gorgeous gardens cosy beaches and pretty houses.

Go fossil-hunting on the Jurassic Coast

3. Go fossil-hunting on the Jurassic Coast

The Jurrasic Coast is a 95-mile length of south England shoreline known for its distinctive geology. The rocks, which stretch from Exmouth in Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset, document 185 million years of Earth's history and also look very decent. Lulworth Cove, a stunningly blue secluded bay, and Durdle Door, a majestic, natural limestone arch, are not to be missed.

Get a taste for magic on the Cornish coast

4. Get a taste for magic on the Cornish coast

Cornwall's dramatic moors and misty clifftops have a strange quality about them. It's no surprise that it's the setting for numerous tales and stories. After a visit to Tintagel, the spectacular remnants of a castle on a dramatic length of coastline, even the most sceptical visitor will succumb to Cornwall's peculiar and mysterious charms. Low tide reveals 'Merlin's Cave' on the beach below, which is associated with the tale of King Arthur. After there, head along the coast to Boscastle to see The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, which houses the world's greatest collection of magical artefacts. Because of the pandemic, the museum is currently closed, but it will reopen shortly for intrepid explorers of all kinds and sizes.


5. Stonehenge

Visited by millions of people these alluring stones are a true marvel. How were they erected? who made them? was it an act of magic? this and many more questions will flog your mind in this attraction. Visit to determine what you believe the monument's true story is.

Take a perch on Arthur’s Seat

6. Take a perch on Arthur’s Seat

Few towns can boast of having an old volcano, but Edinburgh can. Arthur's Seat, a grassy, craggy summit 351 meters above sea level, can be seen from practically anywhere in the city and is only a short walk from the Royal Mile. To begin your ascent, go to Holyrood Park. Even though it's a short hike, it'll get your heart racing. Enjoy the views of Edinburgh Castle, the Scott Monument, and beyond from the top.

Seek out myth and legend in the Scottish Highlands

7. Seek out myth and legend in the Scottish Highlands

Nothing compares to the Scottish Highlands. This countryside is your playground if you enjoy being active and adventurous - think boating, biking, and hiking. The scenery is stunning, but it is also rich in history, mystery, tradition, and legend. Tour historic castles, both standing and in ruins, visit the Highland Folk Museum, see the Glenfinnan Monument, which honours those who died during the Battle of Culloden, visit the Clava Cairns standing-stone burial mounds, and sample whisky at one of the area's many breweries.

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