UAE Visa from India - A Simplified and Explanatory Guide for 2022

2022 Guide, Update June 20, 2022

For its stunning vistas, exciting adventures, and tremendously diverse surroundings, the United Arab Emirates is one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the world.

Travellers from around the world describe Dubai as a desert city with some of the world's tallest and most luxurious infrastructures, thriving commercial houses, and a developing fusion of diverse cultures, food, and lifestyles. For the most up-to-date information on UAE visas from India, see our full instructions below.

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Do Indians require a UAE visit from India to enter the UAE?

Pre-arranged or pre-paid UAE visa for Indian citizens are available, while green card holders in the US and UK residents can use a 14-day on-arrival visa (AED 120). If you're an Indian citizen, you'll need to get an e-Tourist/Visit visa.

How can I acquire a visa visa for UAE from India?

Send us a WhatsApp message, and we'll assist you in 3 minutes.

What is the cost of a UAE visa from India?

AED 400 for a single-entry tourist visa for a month, AED 800 for a three-month single-entry tourist visa, AED 1050 for a one-month multiple-entry tourist visa, and AED 2200 for a three-month multiple-entry tourist visa.

Can I travel to UAE from India without a visa?

Absolutely. You certainly can. For AED 120, Indian residents possessing a US green card and a UK resident permit can get a 14-day on-arrival visa (subject to change). A 14-day increase is available for a fee of AED 250. (subject to change). However, it is provided by the Immigration Service.

What are the different UAE visa types for Indian?

Tourist (30 days and 90 days) and transit visas are the two most common types (96 hours).

How far ahead of time should I start to apply for a UAE visit visa from India?

The normal visa waiting period is roughly 2-3 business days. You have 60 days from the date of issue to visit the UAE after your UAE visa has been accepted. As a result, you can reques a UAE visa 60 days before your departure date.

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Our pricing is all-inclusive, with no hidden costs or obligations, such as the requirement to purchase a ticket through us. Our visa fee includes application processing, UAE, GST, and service fees.

Visa Type Rates
Tourist visa 30 days (Single Entry) 400 AED
Tourist 90 days uae visa from India(Single Entry) 800 AED
Tourist visa 30 days (Multiple Entry) 1050 AED
Tourist 90 days uae visa from India (Multiple Entry) 2200 AED

The visa procedures at Travel Shop are always as simple and customizable as you want them to be. You may visit our office or our customer service agents are always available to help you online, depending on where you live.

Visa Application Recived by Travelshop

  • Documents
  • Original Passport

Application Sent To UAE Immigration


Application Being Processed AT UAE Immigration


Application Process Complete & Visa Approval

Please contact our guest relations staff to ensure that we help you with the correct documents required for a UAE visa from India, and then you may begin collecting it.

  • A scanned colour copy of your passport's initial and last pages in Image (JPEG) format
  • A scanned colour copy of your passport-size picture with a white background (without eyeglasses) and saved in JPG format. Don’t submit any blurry photos.
  • A duplicate of the individual's PAN card
  • Images of acquaintances’ or family' passports who live in Dubai (recommended)
  • Passport photocopies of friends or family who live in Dubai (recommended)
  • A letter of invitation from friends or family who live in Dubai (recommended)
  • Optional local address information for two Dubai-based friends or family (recommended)
  • Return air ticket that has been verified (not mandatory for application)
  • Insurance protection for travel (Not mandatory)
  • COVID Vaccination Card in Its Entirety

If the travelers wish to extend after the tolerance period has expired, they have three options:

1. Stay In & Extend

Visa modifications are available for Prepaid (Single Entry) and On-arrival travellers. furthermore;

  • Overstaying is punishable by a daily penalty of AED 100.
  • ICA Service Charge (AED 50) and Typing Center Charge (AED 50) are only applicable to Abu Dhabi visas (AED 55)

2. Stay In & Buy In-country visa

Visitors who have purchased a pre-paid (multiple entry) or on-arrival ticket have the choice of buying an in-country visa. furthermore;’

  • Overstaying is subject by a daily penalty of AED 100.
  • ICA Service Charge (AED 50) and Typing Center Charge (AED 50) are only applicable to Abu Dhabi visas (AED 55)

3. Exit the Country

For the initial day of overstaying, the traveller should be fined AED 200, and then AED 100 per day from the second day thereafter. They will also be required to make a service charge of AED 100 upon leaving the UAE.

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Filling out an application form and submitting the required documentation is all that is required to apply for a tourist or work visa. While the process is usually painless, the visa may be denied at any point. The most common reasons are as follows:

  1. If you previously had a resident visa and left the nation without cancelling it. (Remove any previous visas).
  2. UAE Customs will immediately refuse written documents.
  3. Visa candidates who have committed prior criminal charges, fraud, or misbehaviour in the UAE.
  4. Requested for a tourist visa in the past but did not come into the country. (Remove any previous visas)
  5. Applicants who registered for a work visa through a corporation (potential employer) but never arrived in the nation. (Remove any previous visas).
  6. Visa requests with spelling mistakes in the applicant's name, passport number, or occupational code will be delayed or rejected.
  7. Clearance may be postponed or denied if images of passport copies are not sharp or smudged when submitted using the digital UAE immigration system.

UAE Embassy in Delhi, India

+91 11 2611 1111


12, Chandragupta Marg,
Chanakyapuri South West Delhi
110021 Delhi India

Most Interesting Things to do in UAE

Now that you have your UAE visa from India, look over our holiday plans to the UAE and learn what the greatest things to do in the UAE are.

Make a stop at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

1. Make a stop at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a gigantic architectural work of art that purposely integrates diverse Islamic architectural schools. It is one of the world's largest mosques and was created by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan to express its historic significance and to reflect the Islamic teachings of peace, tolerance, and diversity. He envisioned the Grand Mosque as a living example of contemporary Islamic architecture.

Visit the amazing Burj Al Arab

2. Visit the amazing Burj Al Arab

Since its opening in 1999, the Burj al Arab has welcomed many VIP guests and played a crucial role in Dubai's luxury tourism status. The 321-metre tall sail-shaped building stands on its own island and its interior is decked with lavish chandeliers and luxurious furniture. Guests can have an amazing meal in the hotel's underwater restaurant or lounge in the al fresco terrace pool. The guided tour will walk you through the hotel's highlights like the Royal suite, atrium and more.

Explore the stunning Emirates Palace

3. Explore the stunning Emirates Palace

Popular for all things gold from a gold ATM, 24-carat gold sprinkled coffee and 114 gold detailed domes. Situated in Abu Dhabi's West Corniche Road, the Emirates Palace is hard to overlook thanks to its luxurious exterior. The private stretch of pristine beachfront contributes to the list of numerous reasons why you should visit the Emirates Palace. You can have high tea like Abu Dhabi royalty or get an opulent spa treatment to chill off. This place is ideal for kids too with a plethora of activities to keep them entertained

Discover the history at Dubai Museum

4. Discover the history at Dubai Museum

This is the city's oldest existing building, housed in the Al Fahidi Fort, and a must-see for a flavour of old Dubai. Before being refurbished during the reign of Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, this fort operated as a prison, weapon storage, the ruler’s home and base. Considering the region's rich history of pearl diving, exhibits include seeing genuine weights and scales from the time. In fact, there are artefacts on display that date back to 3000BC, all of which have been meticulously preserved and cared for to ensure even longer durability. See the huge difference between old and new Dubai, which has just been around for a few years.

Visit Al Jahili fort

5. Visit Al Jahili fort

Sheikh Zayed bin Khalifa the First (r. 1855-1909) erected Al Jahili Fort, one of the largest forts in the United Arab Emirates, in the late 19th century as a symbol of authority and a royal summer retreat. A square walled enclosure with a remarkable four-story round tower made up the original fort.


1. How can an Indian citizen obtain a UAE work visa?

To obtain a work visa, you must have a job offer letter from a business established in the UAE, and your position must be management, executive, or professional.

2. Is it true that Indians do not require a visa to enter the UAE?

No, it's not the case.

Visa Application

3. How can I obtain a visa to the UAE for a group of more than five people?

Please have as much details about your trip as possible when emailing us your UAE group visa question. For instance, the number of people and children traveling, the date of travel (landing and exit), and other details.

Visa Interview

4. What is the procedure for obtaining a multi-country visa?

By contacting our visa professionals, you can request for a multi-country visa.

5. What are the benefits of submitting a visa application with Travelshop?

Travelshop has the greatest level of protection and privacy protection available. In the business, Travelshop has an unrivaled success rate in obtaining Dubai visa applications. The majority of our visas are issued in less than 48 hours. Travelshop has a highly qualified staff of professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in visa applications and client service.

6. Is it possible to enter and leave the UAE from any airport?

The traveller must only enter and exit through the Dubai Airport. He is, however, entitled to travel to any region of the UAE by any manner.

7. What are the requirements for a uae visa on arrival India?

Passport, Photo, Green card issued by US or the resident’s proof of EU or UK and the travel itinerary

8. How long does it take to get an Express Tourist Visa?

For a super rush visa, it normally takes 2-4 hours and for an emergency visa (rush visa) approved between 4-8 hours

9. Are there any special rules or limits for female travellers who want to visit the United Arab Emirates?

No special rules for female travellers. If the female traveller is going to visit her husband or family should present the residents visa/id copy

10. Is proof of vaccination for Covid-19 required for entry into the UAE?

No proof is required if the traveller is fully vaccinated. Dubai is the first country removed the covid protocols

11. Are the details I provide on the website secure?

Yes, All the data’s we are collecting from the customer for the visa processing is 100% secured. And our digital customer care system is doubled checked system source.

12. Is it allowed to apply for a visa online?

Yes. To issue legitimate entrance into their nations, many countries have adopted the online visa or E-visa format. You can also use the government website to see if your visa is valid (s).

13. Is the Dubai visa transferable to other UAE states/emirates?

When you obtain a visa to the United Arab Emirates, you gain entry to all seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Ras Al-Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, and Umm Al-Quwain.

14. Is English the only language I'll be able to interact with the employees?

Our executives have a strong command of the English language. Our workforce, on the other hand, is well-versed in multilingual interaction.

15. Is it possible to obtain a visa when my passport is still being renewed?

If you arranging a trip, your passport should be active for at least six months.

16. Is it possible to apply for a new passport while my visa is being processed?

Yes, you certainly can. You must bring both your old and new passports with you when traveling. If your passport is lost or damaged, you can only apply if you have your travel document with you.

17. What currency may I use to fund the visa fee?

This will vary depending on where you register. You have the option of paying in US Dollars (USD) or British Pounds (GBP) (GBP).

18. Do I need to bring any documentation with me when I travel? Is there a list somewhere?

While traveling, you must have a valid passport and a printout of your E-visa.

19. If my contact details changes, who should I notify and how should I notify them?

Please notify our online services team if any of the information supplied varies.

I'll be visiting a friend in Dubai who is on a work visa. To visit him in Dubai, what kind of visa do I need?

You can visit a friend or family who works in the UAE using an E-visa. After you've chosen your citizenship and present residence, you'll be taken to a Visa Type summary table that will help you decide which visa you need.

20. What kind of visa does a child demand?

The same type of visa is required for children as it is for their parents. Insta Dubai Visa specializes on short-term visas (tourism, business, visit, etc.) to the United Arab Emirates.

21. Is it necessary for youngsters to have a valid passport?

Yes. When visiting Dubai, everyone should have a passport that is valid for at least six months.

22. I'm in desperate need of a visit visa. What is the expected waiting period?

We offer an Express Visa Service for those who need a visa quickly. Please contact us for more information.

23. Is it possible to make modifications to my registration after I submit it on the website?

Yes, you certainly can. Please contact our online support team, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.