Saudi Visa From India - A Simplified Guide

2022 Guide, Update May 26, 2022

Saudi Arabia's topography is diversified with forests, meadows, mountainous regions, and deserts. The climate differs from one place to the next and is known for the holy places of Mecca and Medina, the largest global sand desert (Rub' Al Khali), and the world's largest oasis (Al-Ahsa).

They are also well-known for their love for Arabian horses, innumerable royal residences, veiled women, Bedouins on horses and camels, falconry, sword-wielding dance moves, and oil. This guide will explain the procedures to get a Saudi visa from India and explore the world's largest nation without a river.

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Do Indians require a visa for Saudi Arabia from India?

Absolutely. To visit the Nation of Saudi Arabia, Indian citizens must obtain a permit (visa). Visa to Saudi Arabia from India is available from the Saudi Arabian Embassy in India.

How can I secure a visa to Saudi Arabia from India?

Allow us to assist you in 3 minutes by sending us a WhatsApp message.

How much is the Saudi visa fees for Indian citizens?

The cost of a one-year tourist visa with multiple entries is 68500 INR. The price may differ depending on whether the person is a minor or a woman.

Do Indian citizens need visa for Saudi Arabia?

Yes they need a visa as Indian nationals are not eligible for an on-arrival service. As a result, we will require a valid visa to come into the nation.

In Saudi Arabia, how many different types of visas are there?

There are only two sorts of visas: tourist and Umra visas.

How far ahead of time should I start preparing for my Saudi Arabia visa application?

It requires around 15-20 business days to reach the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Mumbai, including courier time. Also, because your visa is eligible for 3 months, it is a good idea to start planning 20 days ahead of time to prevent any last-minute problems.

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Travel Shop’s Saudi Arabia visa from India prices are all-inclusive without any hidden costs or conditions, such as the requirement to purchase a ticket with us. Our saudi visa price in india includes, request processing fees, Saudi Arabia visa fees, GST & service fees, Consulate fees, and two-way courier fees.

Visa Type Rates
365-day tourist visa 68500 INR –Male
69500-INR F/Child
30-day Umrah Visa 27500 INR

The Saudi visit visa from India operations at Travel Shop is always as easy and flexible as you wish. Depending on where you live, you can come to our office for a hassle-free Saudi visa from Kerala or contact our guest service team, who are always available to help you virtually (online).

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Visa Approval

Feel free to contact our client support team to get help with the appropriate paperwork that we have gathered based on our years of industry experience. After that, you can begin compiling your documents.

  • Current and outdated passports, with at least 3 empty pages and valid for at least 6 months from the date of saudi visa application from india
  • 2 images with a white backdrop and a 6/4-inch size
  • Certificate of Immunization
  • Copy of your Aadhar card
  • Copy of your Pan Card
  • A policy of insurance (with the exception of the Umrah Visa, insurance is not compulsory)

june 02, 2022

Arrow Umrah visit visa issued in 24 hours.
Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, Minister of Hajj and Umrah, announced on Thursday the opening of an electronic facility for individual Umrah pilgrims from outside Saudi Arabia to apply for Umrah visas. The Umrah visit visa will be provided within 24 hours and the applications can be submitted from outside Saudi Arabia without being associated with an Umrah campaign.

june 01, 2022

Arrow From June 9, visitors with visit visas will be denied entry at four airports.
Starting June 9, holders of all types of Saudi Arabia visit visas will be prohibited from entering the country through four airports, according to local media.

Jeddah, Madinah, Yanbu, and Taif airports were among the four Saudi airports. The rationale for this restriction is related to the hajj. Visit visa holders, on the other hand, can enter the Kingdom through Riyadh International Airport.

In Saudi Arabia, overstaying is a criminal offense. If they desire to stay longer than the term of residence permit, they will face penalties such as jail time, fines, and deportation, as well as a restriction on re-entry.

As per the spokesperson for The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Makkah, any pilgrim overstaying in the Kingdom after their visas expire will be fined SR25,000.

The General Directorate of Passports has issued new regulations that establish increasing fines and jail for each overstay. A fine of 15,000 riyals will be imposed for the first infraction. A foreigner who overstays his or her visit visa for the second time will be fined 25,000 riyals and sentenced to three months in jail. A third overstay will result in a six-month prison sentence, a fine of 50,000 riyals, and deportation. Following expulsion, a five-year re-entry restriction is also imposed. However, authorities have the power to reject visas and impose a lifelong ban even after an initial violation. For more information you can check overstaying fines and overstaying an Umrah visa.

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Owing to the privacy of information, GOV.SA usually does not divulge the reason for denial. However, after completing numerous Saudi work visa from India and Saudi tourist visa from India, we have compiled a list of factors.

  • One of the most common grounds for a Saudi Arabia visa rejection is the presentation of a damaged or defective passport. Make sure your passport has two blank pages and is eligible for at least six months from the date of arrival.
  • Even if you have a valid Saudi Arabia visa, you will be turned down if you apply for one. There are situations when you have a Saudi Arabia visa already. You, on the other hand, have either forgotten about it or are unable to locate your e-Visa copy. You will have to put it on hold for your visa to expire in this situation.
  • Refusal to deliver all of the documentation required by the Embassy. Diverse visas demand different types of documentation, so make sure your application is tailored to you and that nothing is overlooked.
  • Lack to demonstrate your desire to go back to your native country may result in rejection. You must demonstrate significant ties to India through family relationships, business, or land property before leaving Saudi Arabia after your tour.
  • Any candidate with a criminal past will face challenges in obtaining a visa. In your native country or when traveling, do not engage in any unlawful activities. Getting a criminal record can have an impact on future visa approvals. You could potentially face expulsion and a lifetime ban from coming into the nation.
  • Using forged documents almost always leads to a visa denial. If you don't have the mentioned documents on the consulate's list, you'll have to make a declaration explaining why you don't have them. Furthermore, fake paperwork or a lack of paperwork may be the reason for your saudi visa processing in india to get cancelled.
  • Local language papers are not allowed. Most consulates are unable to validate documents written in a local dialect. Before sending your paperwork to the Embassy, ensure that all documents are in English.
  • Inability to adhere to the Visa's terms and conditions. Adhering to these regulations to the letter is a requirement, and failure to do so will result in requests being rejected by Consulates.

There are two Saudi Arabia Overseas Missions in India: New Delhi and Mumbai.

Visa for Europe Countries Schengen Countries

Saudi Arabian Embassy in New Delhi, India

(+91) 11 2410 2000

(+91) 11 2611 1008

[email protected]

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EP 30, Chandragupta Marg
New Delhi 110057

Saudi Arabian Consulate General in Mumbai, India

(+91) 22 2215 6001 to 4

(+91) 22 2215 6006

Market Tower F, 4th Floor
Cuffe Parade
Mumbai 400 005

Email : [email protected]

Most Interesting Things to do in Saudi Arabia

After securing a Saudi Visa from India, look over our list of things to do in Saudi Arabia and plan your itinerary with some exciting activities.

Historical Diriyah

Historical Diriyah

Visitors are already being welcomed in Diriyah's Al Bujairi area. Its maze of winding alleyways once led to low-lying mud homes that have been turned into gleaming heritage sites, such as the renovated Al Zawiha Mosque and the Diriyah Museum, a former palace with displays on Saudi past. Check for the bright geometric designs that adorn the district's structures' walls and massive wooden doors, as well as streetside demonstrations of traditional crafts like weaving and inscriptions. There are numerous cafés and restaurants throughout the area that provide traditional local fare as well as trinket-filled souvenir stores that are perfect for perusing.

The Saad bin Saud Palace, built in the ancient Najd architecture, and the Burj Faysal wall tower, as well as the Diriyah Wall, which was originally the city's final line of protection, are a picture of the city's illustrious history.

Visit the Cliff top view- Edge of the World

Visit the Cliff top view- Edge of the World

The drive from Riyadh to the Edge of the World takes roughly 90 minutes. Hikers can take a variety of paths to the summit, although comfortable walking footwear are required due to the harsh terrain, steep slopes, and jagged rocks.

The Edge of the World is so popular that local authorities have built a road leading to the site's gates. The Sha'ib Kharmah, a huge valley that turns into lush and green throughout the rainy season (November until April), is a great area for a picnic. The valley stretches for about 15 kilometers west till it meets the base of the huge cliffs that form the Edge of the World

Serene Beauty – Floating Mosque

Serene Beauty – Floating Mosque

The Al Rahma mosque, a turquoise-domed edifice constructed out over the Red Sea and tied to the land by a low-walled bridge, beckons gently from the northern edge of Jeddah's coastline.

Because of the white stilts that raise it over the edge of the water, the edifice is affectionately referred to as the 'floating mosque.' The mosque seems to float serenely above the seas below at high tide, gleaming white and sparkling in the sunlight.

Guests come to appreciate the mosque's marbled grandeur and paddle in the surrounding shallows. It has grown in popularity with Hajj and Umrah pilgrims, who use Jeddah as a route to the holy sites of Makkah and Medina, but it is also a major tourist destination.

Al Rahma mosque, built in 1985, combines traditional Islamic style with a modern architectural approach, coupling a sparkling white tower with a domed aquamarine ceiling.

The inside is just as stunning, with eight pillars supporting a central vault and an exquisite chandelier hanging from it. When the sun is directly overhead, the roof is beautifully decorated with a ring of stained glass that bathes the hall below in golden light. The mosque appears to float over the Red Sea because to floor arched windows that provide a magnificent view of the water.

The walls are ornamented with both old and new Islamic art, but the technology on display – including audio, illumination, and air-conditioning systems – is clearly cutting-edge. Visitors can see the prayer hours for the day on a digital display. Enjoy the sea wind and coastal vistas while strolling around the outdoor courtyard, which is interrupted by the sound of waves lapping the coast.

Qarah Mountain

Cave Adventure – Al Qarah Mountain

The eastern side of the Shadqam plateau, which connects Kuwait and Iraq to the north and the Rub Al Khali desert to the south, is home to Al Qarah Mountain. Its complex of curves and caverns is the product of a process called as sub-aerial weathering, in which limestone rock is sculpted by rain and rivers instead of the ground water. The mountain's extraordinary mushroom-like forms, tight gullies, and lofty internal tunnels are the result of this.

Detecting face images among the caves, like spotting cumulus clouds, is a wonderful game to enjoy with the children as you navigate your way around the mountain's winding bends and crannies.

Another unique feature of the caves is how the high walls, cool limestone, and gentle wind work together to regulate the temperature, making them chilly in the summer and warm in the winter. This fortunate coincidence guarantees that the caves are a nice place to visit throughout the year, not to mention a hotspot for bird watching during migration period, with Eurasian hoopoe, bee-eaters, nightingales, and bulbuls all known to stop by.

Al Hasa

Al Hasa

Al Ahsa's lush fields, situated in the country's east, are UNESCO-listed and site to one of the world's largest natural oases. Al Ahsa is home to ancient ruins dating back to the Neolithic era, nestled among date palm orchards, farms, and natural springs. This is the spot to refute any notions you may have about Saudi Arabia being entirely desert.


1. What is the duration of the Saudi business visa from India?

Your visit in Saudi Arabia should always be authorized by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce. It shouldn't last more than 90 days.

2. How long does a Saudi Arabian family visit visa last?

The family visit visa is valid for a period of up to one year.

3. How far ahead of time can I submit an online application for a Saudi Arabia visa?

The latest you can submit for a Saudi Arabia visa is two months preceding your planned trip. It is recommended that all visa applications be submitted ten days before to travel to allow for appropriate visa process period.

4. Is it necessary to include a passport with the application?

Certainly, the visa will be stamped in the authentic passport by the Embassy. As a result, the passport must have two blank pages. Your passport must also be eligible for at least six months further than the duration of your anticipated visit.

5. What are the requirements for applying for a Saudi Arabia visa?

You must properly make this clear in order for the authorities to process your application:

  • What brings you to Saudi Arabia?
  • How long do you plan to be in Saudi Arabia?
  • How will you fend for yourself while in Saudi Arabia?
  • What is your reason for visiting Saudi Arabia?
  • What kind of passport do you have and what is its eligibility period?
  • After your trip to Saudi Arabia, where do you plan to go?
  • If you have a Saudi Arabian visa, the country you want to visit after your visit in Saudi Arabia.
6. Do I have to go to the Consulate/Embassy in person to submit my documents?

No. You are not obliged to physically visit the Saudi Arabian Embassy. In your place, we will complete the visa application.

7. Will I be legally allowed to work in Saudi Arabia if I come there on a family visit visa from India?

On a Saudi Arabia family visit visa or a business visa, you are not permitted to work in another country.

8. Is it necessary for me to acquire travel insurance?

Claimants are highly encouraged to obtain Travel Insurance to protect their vacation in the case of unforeseen circumstances such as medical emergencies, travel cancellations, luggage delay or loss, and so forth.

9. Is it necessary to wear a burqa?

No. Covering one's head or face is not required for overseas women. Since about late 2019, all expatriate women, including Saudi women, are required by law to wear loose modest clothing, with or without an Abaya (traditional Saudi costume).