Malaysia Visa from India - A Thorough Guide for 2022

2022 Guide, Update April 8, 2022

Are you hoping to travel to Malaysia, an ethnically and religiously - diverse country situated in Southeast Asia? Contact Travel Shop Global's visa specialists today to get your Malaysian visa.

Check out our extensive instructions below for a Malaysia visa from India with the most up-to-date information on everything from nightlife to wildlife adventures, as well as a selection of sightseeing and leisure options. This guide will answer many common doubts like “how to get Malaysia visa from india?” , “What are the documents required for Malaysia visa from India?” and more. It will also uncover common misconceptions like “is Malaysia visa free for India?”. Keep reading to clear all your doubts.

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Is it required to get a visa to Malaysia from India?

Yes. Before visiting Malaysia, you must apply for and get a Malaysia visa well ahead of time.

Is Malaysia visa on arrival for Indian citizens available?

For Indians, getting a Malaysia visa on arrival is not an option. Indian nationals travelling to Malaysia will need to obtain a Malaysia visa prior to visiting the country.

how to apply Malaysia tourist visa from India?

Individuals who are visiting Malaysia for a short length of time can apply for an e visa for Malaysia from India using an eNTRI or e-Visa system and obtain their visas by email. If you are planning a longer trip, you will have to apply for a visa at the Malaysian embassy or Consulate using the Visa application centres.

Is it mandatory to have a vaccinated certificate to apply for a Malaysia visitor visa from India to travel?

Yes, fully vaccinated travellers are not subjected to PCR or quarantine.

How long does it take for a Malaysia visa to be processed from India?

The Malaysia visa generally takes 5-7 business days to process excluding Saturdays, Sundays and other Indian public holidays. The visa is eligible for 30 days.

In Malaysia, how many different visa types are there?

There are only two categories of visas: tourist (14/90 days) and business (30/90 days).

What is the Malaysia visa cost for Indian citizens?

2500 INR for a 14-day tourist visa, 8000 INR for a three-month tourist visa, 8000 INR for a three-month business visa, and 14,000 INR for a one-year business visa.

How far ahead of time should I apply for Malaysia visa from India?

The Malaysian VFS in Chennai usually takes 5-7 working days. The visa is valid for three months, so plan at least one month ahead of your trip.

What is the distinction between eNTRI and the Malaysia E visa from India?

You can stay in Malaysia for a maximum of 15 days with the Malaysian eNTRI (Electronic Travel Registration & Information) visa. It is a single-entry visa that must be utilized within three months of being issued. If you're coming to Malaysia from India, Singapore, or Thailand, you'll need this visa. You can stay in Malaysia for a maximum of 30 days with the Malaysia e visa from India. The e-Visa is a multiple-entry visa that must be utilized within three months of the day it was issued.

Our Malaysia visa from India fee is all-inclusive without any hidden costs or conditions, such as the requirement to purchase a ticket with us. Our visa charges include application fees, Malaysia visa fees, GST and service charges, Consulate fees, and two-way courier fees.

Visa Type Rates
Tourist visa 14days 2500 INR
Business visa 90 days 8000 INR
Business visa 1 year 8,000 INR

For Malaysian visas, travel insurance is not required.

The Malaysia visa from India process at Travel Shop is always simple and tailored to your ease. You can easily get a Malaysia visa from Kerala by visiting our office. You can also choose to interact with us online as our guest service team is always available to assist you remotely, depending on where you live.

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To organize the documents required for Malaysia visa from India, don’t hesitate to contact our customer care team for assistance. Our decades of work expertise will make it easy for you to compile your documents.

The following documents are needed for an initial application:

  • a scanned copy of your passport's first and last pages;
  • a Scanned colour photo taken recently (specifications)
  • Return flight ticket that has been validated.
  • Letter of Invitation or Hotel Reservation (In case you are visiting family or friends).
  • For children below 14 years of age, a birth certificate is required

*If the VFS requires more information with respect to your purpose of visit after we submit your visa application, they will send a written letter or set up a face-to-face meeting.

The following specific documentation is required:

  • Original passport(including expired passports), valid for a minimum 6 months from the date of visa submission and with at least 3 empty pages
  • 2 pictures taken recently (one on the application and one loose) Malaysia visa photo requirements India for the photograph: 600-70 per cent face image in white background, 3.5x5cm.
  • return air tickets with flight details and e-ticket numbers that have been confirmed.
  • Applicants must complete the visa application form in blue or black ink (including sign)
  • Lodging registration or letter of invitation (when visiting family or friends)
  • The inviter's address evidence (when visiting family or friends)
  • Original copy of the COVID immunization certificate.
  • Applicants who have never travelled on a Malaysia visa must attach a letter explaining why they were unable to travel. Refusal to do so may result in visa rejections.
  • Original cover letter with Applicant Name, Passport Number, Travel Dates, Details of People Traveling with You, Stay in Malaysia Details, and Employment Information, applicant's phone number and email address
  • Applicants from North and East India must submit a fresh passport. Applicants applying with a new passport (with no travel history, without attaching an old passport, and who have not travelled on a legal visa) must present three months of current financial records (Self or Sponsor's) with genuine bank branch approval and a support letter from the sponsor confirming the relationship (except for Children under 18 years of age).
  • Applicants West Indian applicants: (Fresh & Travelled Passport)All applications must include a current one-month bank statement that is signed and sealed by the applicant.Individuals must have a minimum INR 30,000 balance.The primary applicant must have a minimum INR 60,000 balance to cover all expenditures for the following participants (Mandatory for all tourist and business applications)
  • If the address on the passport differs from the address on the application, one document as address evidence is necessary (e.g., phone/electricity/mobile bill/society letter/rent agreement)
  • If travelling for the first time, one financial documentation is required (e.g., last three months' bank statement / previous three years' tax papers, etc).
  • If you're applying while holding a salaried job, you'll need three months' worth of proof of income (payslip).
  • If you're a business owner, you'll have to pay GST.
  • If the husband's name is not on the passport, a marriage certificate is required if the wife is travelling.
  • Original financial records covering the previous six months' transactions, officially verified and approved by a bank official

Arrow Malaysia Allows Visa on Arrival for Indians from June 1
With effect from June 1, 2022, Malaysia has recently made Visa On Arrival (VOA) available to Indian travellers. This incentive is only offered to Indians who enter Malaysia through certain points - Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, and Thailand. They must be in possession of valid visas from one of these nations.

In Malaysia, overstaying is a criminal offence. If you know you'll overstay your Malaysia visa from India but it hasn't happened yet, you could apply for the Malaysian Special Pass. This is applicable to meeting the conditions and being approved by the Malaysian Department Of immigration.

The Malaysia Special Permission is a short pass that permits foreigners to stay in Malaysia over their expiration date owing to special circumstances such as sickness, injuries, or disputes in the native country of a foreign person.

Overstaying is punishable by a fine of up to RM10,000 or imprisonment for up to 5 years, or both, as well as the payment of a compound of RM3,000.00.

A foreigner who persists in Malaysia after the expiration date or termination of his or her Pass, in violation of S. 15(1)(c) IA, commits an offence and is subject to a fine of not less than ten thousand ringgit or imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, or both.

Maintaining the confidentiality of information, most Malaysian government portals do not divulge the reason for denial; nonetheless, after processing numerous Malaysia visa for Indian nationals, we have compiled a list of reasons below.

The validity duration of your passport: Before applying for Malaysia visa Indian passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of your return trip to India. The passport must also have at least two blank pages. One of the most common grounds for visa rejection is the presentation of an expired or defective passport.

Financial Stability: The authorities must be assured that the visitor's financial situation is steady enough to pay for their travel. Always make sure your bank statement shows sufficient funds to cover all of your expenses in Malaysia.

Selecting the incorrect visa category: It is critical to know the appropriate visa category while applying for a Malaysia visa for Indians in order to prevent rejection. Failure to pick the correct visa type may result in the visa being rejected.

The photograph that does not meet the mentioned specifications: All photographs are supposed to meet the stated specifications. Malaysian immigration is extremely stringent when it comes to photo requirements.

False or illegible documents: If you submit any false or illegible documents, the Malaysian visa authorities may reject your application. In such circumstances, a permanent ban on the applicant may be imposed. Malaysia visa rejection might also be caused by blurred scan copies of your passport.

Overstaying is a serious criminal act that will result in not only a visa rejection but also a lifetime ban from entering Malaysia. Before travelling to Malaysia, double-check the validity of your visa and the length of your stay.

Criminal History: Having any past or current criminal records are one of the most common reasons for visa refusal in Malaysia. There isn't anything that can be done about it, but if you have a good reason to defend yourself, you can write a letter of justification.

Incomplete Visa Application Form: If sections of the application form are left blank, the visa application may be rejected. Every aspect is crucial! As a result, the traveller should avoid leaving blanks on the application and instead enter NA (Not Applicable) for some questions.

Regional language documents are not accepted: Most consulates are unable to validate documents written in a regional language. Before presenting your dossier to the Embassy, always translate the document into English.

The only three Malaysian Overseas Missions in India are situated in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. These are their contact details:

Malaysia Embassy in New Delhi



[email protected]


50-M, Satya Marg
New Delhi

Malaysia Consulate in Chennai



[email protected]


No.7, (Old No.3),
Cenotaph Road,
1st Street, Teynampet
600 018

Malaysia Consulate in Mumbai



[email protected]


5th. Floor, Notan Classic,Building, 24th. Road
Off Turner Road, Bandra West

Most interesting things to do in Malaysia

Once you have secured your visa for Malaysia from India, take a look at our Malaysia vacation packages and learn what the greatest things to do in Malaysia are.

Petronas Tower

1. Petronas Tower

Petronas Tower is an iconic landmark of the city, recognized for its mesmerizing views from the peak. It is one of Malaysia's most popular tourist attractions and is a compulsory attraction to see in Kuala Lumpur. Situated in Malaysia’s capital city, it is famed to be the world's tallest twin tower. The 41st-floor sky bridge provides breathtaking views of the city. However, appreciating the panoramic view of the city from the 86th-floor Observation Deck, especially at night, is a must.

Hours:9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. The last trip begins at 8:30 p.m. Except on Mondays, this location is open every day.

Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport

2. Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport

Do you want to take a plane ride? Do you want to make your idea a reality? Visit Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Kuala Lampur to partake in this thrilling activity. At Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, skilled pilots and specialists coach eager people on how to fly Cessna, Robinson, and Eurocopter aircraft. You can get first-hand flying experience by taking off and landing safely after flying across mountains and seas. Surprisingly, the airport authorities award you a certificate of excellence once you complete all of these.

Various driving regimens are available, with durations ranging from 20 to 60 minutes. However, the entire session, which includes ground briefing and discussion of flying theories and practices, takes about 3 hours to complete.

Timing: Contact the airport authority for operating hours, as these can vary depending on meteorological conditions.

Perhentian Islands in Malaysia

3. Perhentian Islands in Malaysia

Malaysia's two main Perhentian Islands have very different characteristics. There are numerous reasons to appreciate both. Whatever island you choose, you can be sure that it will have white beaches and a blue sea brimming with aquatic life to observe and enjoy. A lack of elevated buildings and mechanized transportation (apart from boats, of course) adds to the sense that you've arrived in paradise. Your main form of transportation on Perhentian Kecil will be your feet – flip-flops are allowed. Perhentian is pronounced "per-hen-tee-en" and is a Bahasa Malay word that means "to stop or halt." The name is apt as many people stop there to take advantage of the island lifestyle for as long as they can! In the Perhentian Islands, a number of backpackers have been known to burn through their entire three-month Malay visas (Malaysia is notoriously lenient).

Malaysian Borneo

4. Malaysian Borneo

Borneo is one of those unique places where you can feel the thrill of adventure as well as the fresh air from thousands of square kilometres of rainforest just waiting to be discovered. For anyone who enjoys vegetation, wildlife, and adventure, the world's third-largest island is a virtual paradise.

Malaysia, Indonesia, and the small, autonomous republic of Brunei share the island of Borneo. Kalimantan, the Indonesian side of Borneo, spans roughly 73 per cent of the island, while Malaysian Borneo, along with little Brunei, takes up the rest of the island's northern coast.

Sarawak and Sabah, Malaysian Borneo's two states, are divided by Brunei. Kuching, Sarawak's city, and Kota Kinabalu, Sabah's capital, are the most common entrance ports, with the two cities serving as sites for experiencing Borneo's natural wonders.

LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort

5. LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort

The LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort is Malaysia's first worldwide amusement park as well as Asia's first LEGOLAND® park that promises a fantastic experience. Explore a region brimming with activities that will fully captivate you. This is a fantastic destination in Malaysia to take children since they will enjoy the many rides, shows, slides, and other delights.

Major Attractions: LEGOLAND® Water Park, SEA LIFE, LEGO®KINGDOMS, LEGO TECHNIC®, MINILAND, LEGO CITY, Land of Adventure, Imagination, LEGO®NINJAGO® World, The Beginning & The Big Shop

Mount Kinabalu – Hiker’s Paradise

6. Mount Kinabalu – Hiker’s Paradise

Mount Kinabalu, Borneo's highest mountain, is a stunning sight to see. Hikers adore the spectacular routes that provide a peek of the region's gorgeous surroundings. It is one of Malaysia’s top visiting places to have a thrilling experience, and it is quite famous among individuals with adventurous bones.

Major Attractions: Zipline to get a taste of the adrenaline rush that comes with high speeds.

Mount Kinabalu – Hiker’s Paradise

7. Batu caves

One of Malaysia's most famous cultural monuments, it is a system of limestone caves that date back 400 million years. The caves, which are located 13 kilometres north of Kuala Lumpur, were once utilized as shelters by the indigenous Temuan or Besisi people (a tribe of Orang Asli). The gigantic Murugan Statue at the cave's foot has become synonymous with Batu Caves, which is also known for the Sri Subramanian Swamy Temple. The Murugan Statue in the caves gleams bright gold and is 42.7 meters tall, making it Malaysia's highest statue. Millions of Hindu worshippers revere the cave shrine since it is regarded as one of Lord Murugan's ten sacred dwellings.

Thaipoosam is the most well-known celebration here, with thousands of devotees taking "kavadi" to fulfil their vows, bringing visitors from all over the world. Another fantastic attraction at Batu Caves is the Ramayana Cave, which features colourful dioramas of the Indian epic 'Ramayana.' Every tourist is enthralled by the massive statues of Lord Hanuman and Kumbakarna.


What should I be cautious of when visiting Malaysia?

In Malaysia, there are 12 activities you must never, ever do.

  • smuggle drugs into the country.
  • drive through the roads if you're new to driving.
  • Leaving the hotel without an umbrella is a bad idea.
  • let your defences down when shopping.
  • walk unaccompanied at night.
  • Trash the local food
  • Raise racial animosity.
  • Take a taxi that isn't metred.

When is the most ideal time to visit Malaysia?

The greatest time to visit Malaysia depends on which coast you want to visit. The months of December to April are ideal for visiting the west coast, whereas April to October is ideal for visiting the east coast.

Is it necessary for me to buy travel insurance prior to visiting Malaysia?

Definitely. Prior to the start of their trip, all guests travelling must acquire travel insurance. Travel insurance is a fundamental necessity for every trip due to the variable nature, accessibility, and cost of health care around the globe.

What is the minimum bank balance needed for a tourist visa in Malaysia?

Rs.30,000/- Bank Statement for the previous six months, revised and confirmed, with a minimum balance of Rs. 30,000/- for individuals and Rs. 60,000/- for families. Return flight tickets that have been verified. Accommodation registration has been verified.

How long does it take to get a Malaysia visa?

Once the application is complete and all extra documents have been given, the usual Malaysia visa processing period is 3 to 4 business days. Please keep in mind that processing can take up to 5 to 7 business days in some situations.

Is obtaining a Malaysia visa simple?

The Malaysia eVisa is quick and easy to get. In only a few steps, travellers from ten qualifying countries can obtain a multiple entry visa. Applicants must fill out the Malaysia online application form, which consists of a few simple questions and a fee paid with a credit or debit card.

How can I get a Malaysia work visa from India to stay in Malaysia permanently?

Expats must normally dwell in the country for a minimum of 5 years under legal papers in order to get permanent status (work visa, renewed long-stay visa, etc.). A completed permanent residence form (IMM.09-Dec-2020) is required to apply.

Is it possible for me to stay in Malaysia for a year?

Malaysian single-entry visas are only valid for 30 days and cannot be extended. A Social Visit Pass can't either. If you want to stay in Malaysia for longer than the duration of your Pass, you must leave the country and apply for a Malaysian Visa/Pass.

What Are My Options For Relocating To Malaysia?
  1. Malaysian Student Visa...
  2. Work Permit in Malaysia...
  3. Employment license...
  4. Passports for Professionals....
  5. Malaysian Marriage Visa. ...
  6. Malaysia My Second Home Scheme. ...
  7. Malaysia Eligibility Criteria for My Second Home Program
What Is A VDR For Malaysia Visa?

A Visa With Reference (VDR) is a visa that a Malaysian Representative Office issues to a non-citizen to open up opportunities to enter Malaysia after the visa has been authorized by the Immigration Department Headquarters.

Is it possible for Indians to obtain Malaysian citizenship?

You are unable to do so. We may be able to assist you in obtaining a visa to Malaysia. You can seek Malaysian citizenship after living in Malaysia for five years and mastering the language. However, you must give up your original nationality.

What is the average cost of living in Malaysia?
Malaysian living expenditures (excluding rent) The average cost of living in Kuala Lumpur
Per month, a single individual MYR 2,036
Per year, a single individual MYR 24,432
Each month for a university student MYR 1,268
Per month, a family of four MYR 7,310
Which countries do not require a visa to enter Malaysia?

Countries in Asia where you can travel without a visa or get a visa on arrival - Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Laos, Macao, Lebanon, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Egypt, Georgia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Palestine, Philippines, Qatar,

Is it possible to get a Malaysia visa on arrival from India?

Getting a Malaysia visa on arrival from India is not an option. Indian nationals travelling to Malaysia will need to obtain a Malaysia visa prior to visiting the country.

Only in specific cases, such as when Indians visit Malaysia from a third country, such as Singapore or Thailand, may they obtain a Malaysia visa on arrival. However, the Immigration officer in Malaysia has the final say on whether or not to award a visa on arrival. To minimize last-minute complications, it is usually a good idea to obtain a Malaysia visa ahead of time.