Italy Visa From India : Everything You Need to Know

2022 Guide, Update May 27, 2022

Greetings from La Bella Italia! Italy's tourism is defined by the remains of Rome, the art galleries of Florence, the waterways of Venice, and the shops of Milan.

Italy's lethal allure is legendary. Experiencing Italy would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Each day is a surprise party in Florence; there isn't a road in the city that isn't ripe with poetry in the shape of art or design. It's like stepping into a fashion magazine as you walk through Milan's market streets. Walking among old monuments in Rome is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Gondola rides around Venice's gothic cathedrals are beautiful and satisfying. When planning a trip to Italy, remember to pack as much as possible into your itinerary. But, first, let us discuss the Italy visa from India.

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What is the difference between a Schengen visa and an Italy visa from India?

Travellers with Schengen visas can visit any of the 26 countries in the Schengen area, whereas those with Italy visit visa from India are allowed to only visit venues in Italy.

How many different sorts of visas are there for Italy?

There are just two sorts of visas: tourist and business (90 days) Entries might be single or multiple.

On the premise of my visa, how long am I permitted to live in the Italy region?

90 Days

How much is the Italy visa price in India?

A single or multiple entry business or tourist visa for Italy from India price is 9800 INR.

Is it possible for an Indian to travel to Italy without a visa?

Unfortunately, you can't; unlike a Thailand visa, Indian nationals do not have the option of getting a visa on arrival.

Considering the Italy visa processing time India , how far ahead of time should I start preparing for an Italian visa application?

It is preferable to begin the preparations to apply for Italy visa from India two months in advance. Because the VFS meeting takes one month and the visa procedure takes roughly 20 business days.

Our pricing covers all payments, with no hidden costs or obligations, such as the requirement to purchase a ticket through us. Our visa fee includes application processing fees, Italy visa fee for Indian, GST & service fees, Consulate fees, and 2-way courier fees.

Visa Type Rates
Tourist visas are available (90 days, single or Multi entry) 9800 INR
Visa for Business (90 days, single or Multi entry) 9800 INR

The visa procedures at Travel Shop are as simple and specialized as you want them to be. You may come to our office, or our guest support team is always available to assist you remotely, depending on your area of residence.

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Recieve Your visa

  • for a successful Italy visa Indian passport must be valid for at least 6 months with at least 3 clear pages, submitted along with any previous passports;
  • Form for applying for a visa in Italy;
  • a pair of recent colour images (35*45mm, 80% facial contact, matte texture, white background);
  • Individual Cover Statement (For Employed – Normal Paper/ For Self-Employed – Organization Letterhead) containing the trip schedule and intention of visit;
  • Last six months’ valid revised financial Statement;
  • Last three years’ tax Records/Form 16;
  • Verified return airplane tickets
  • Accommodation or guesthouse booking.
  • Daily route schedule;
  • Travel and COVID Insurance securities (9000 INR for least coverage).
  • Valid proof of vaccination.

Supporting documents as per your Visa type or as per your Occupation


  • Official departure authorized certificate, signed and sealed by the employer;
  • Wage slip for the previous three months.

If self-employed

  • company registration license, a memorandum of understanding, or a collaborative deed;
  • Last six months’ modified financial statements for the organization;
  • Returns on IT investments made by the company during the last three years.

If Retired

  • Evidence of pensions, such as a pension book, statement, or other similar document.

If Student

  • Identification card of University, College or Institution of Education;
  • Genuine certificate.

If Minor

  • Legal proof of Birth;
  • A No Protest Declaration from the mom and dad or any nob-accompanying guardian, or Rs 100/- stamp paper
  • Parents' photo identification, such as a travel document or PAN card.

If visiting a friend or relative

  • Letter of Invitation;
  • A copy of the invitee's ID, such as a passport or residence visa;
    a replica of the invitee's identification, such as a travel document or visa;

If Sponsored

  • Letter of Sponsorship
  • Sponsor's citizenship identification document, such as a passport, PAN card, or Living Permit;
  • Last six months’ modified financial statement;
  • Salary tax returns for the immediate past 3 years.

june 03, 2022

Arrow All COVID-related travel restrictions for tourists have been lifted in Italy.
All COVID-19-related entry requirements have now been eliminated in Italy, allowing tourists to enter the country without having to produce proof of vaccination, recovery, or testing. The new regulations took effect on June 1st. The new laws will bring Italy closer to other European countries like Sweden, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, and Croatia, which have all eliminated pandemic-era travel restrictions.

Ignoring the fact that there is no written regulation on overstaying fines for all Schengen Member States, each state has its own set of sanctions. In general, all member nations impose one of the below sanctions for exceeding the duration of a Schengen visa or an authorized stay.

  • Deportation: If you are detected being in Europe unlawfully, you will be repatriated back to your birth nation.
  • Difficulties coming back to Schengen: However, if you return to your country of residence without incurring a fee or being barred from entering the Schengen Zone, you should be aware that your expired passport will cause you difficulties the next moment you try to visit the Schengen Region.
  • Fine: This is perhaps the most common punishment for exceeding a visa's validity. The costs are administered in different ways depending on the member country.
  • Entry Ban: A foreigner might be prevented from visiting any of the Schengen member nations for a duration of three years or above.

The Most Likely Causes for Denial of your Italy visa from India Include;

Past or Current Criminal Actions

The applicant's previous and current condition, as well as his or her activities, play a significant role in the consular officer's option to issue an Italian visa. In such situations, the candidate may be denied because he or she is deemed unfit for the Italy Area's government policy, national defence, or public wealth (i.e., substance abuse, child abuse, terrorism, addiction, and other alarming crimes)

False Travel Document

Persons (applicants) who seek to provide falsified travel paperwork to the embassy or consulate, misrepresenting their personality, or using a fictitious identity all face the same fate: visa refusal and other unpleasant repercussions.

Insufficient Explanation for the Purpose and Circumstances of the Planned Stay

Failure to have the required rationale for the objective and circumstances of your visitation is another reason for the consular office to reject your Italian visa. Consider the following examples:

  • Failure to show a job and technical skills that are compatible with the economic state
  • Inability to present supporting documentation for the trip purpose and residence in the Italy Location
  • Failure to obtain a visa in a timely manner in accordance with the travel schedule, vacation right, or financial position indicated.
  • Failure to produce consistent statements concerning the trip objectives and residence

Damaged Passport

Bringing a passport that has not been preserved in excellent shape could be a basis for visa rejection. For example, when passport sheets are torn or absent, or when the passport cover is destroyed, and so on.

Passport Invalidity

Submitting a passport that is unacceptable to the Embassy or Consulate is another reason for the consular agent to decline your visa application. The following are the classifications for such situations:

  • Having a passport with a validity period of less than three (3) months after returning from a trip to the Italy Region.
  • Showing a passport that does not contain empty visa pages
  • Rather than a valid passport, a Travel Document Booklet is provided.
  • Having a valid passport that is at least ten (10) years old

Lack of Proof of the Travel Itinerary

Another cause of the decline of an Italian visa application is the inability to offer a sufficient schedule for your visit to Italy. Here are a few examples:

  • Making an application to the incorrect Italian Embassy (failure to indicate the main destination of your trip in the Italy Region)
  • Failure to be able to demonstrate that you have a reservation for each location and each evening you plan to spend in Italy.
  • Inability to present each candidate with a confirmed flying ticket (when a group of travellers is involved)
  • Failure to give travel tickets for each venue in the Italy Zone that needs to be visited.

Italy Embassy in INDIA

Saudi Arabian Embassy in New Delhi, India

(+91) 11 2611 4355

50-E, Chandra Gupta Marg
New Delhi 110021

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 09:00-12:00 Tuesday: 09:00-12:00 and 15:00-16:00

Mandatory Things to do in Italy

After you have secured your Italy visa from India take a look at our list of top things to do in Italy to plan your own itinerary or book an exciting package to ital through our holiday representatives.

 Visit the Colosseum

1. Visit the Colosseum

The Colosseum is steeped in tradition and history just like the country itself making a visit to this grand structure a mandatory experience. Situated in Rome’s epicentre the colosseum is made up of brick-faced concrete, volcanic rock and travertine. It is the world's largest amphitheatre, with a capacity of 50,000 people. The purpose of this architectural marvel was to stage re-enactments of hunts, wars, and the well-known gladiatorial activities!To get the most out of your visit, we recommend taking a Coliseum Tour.

Ride a Gondola in Venice’s Grand Canal

2. Ride a Gondola in Venice’s Grand Canal

Gondola rides are a convenient and charming method to get across the city's distinctive infrastructure. This relaxed mode of transportation lets you explore the city without the distraction of a boat motor. Are you planning a honeymoon or romantic break to Italy and seeking unique experiences? A gondola ride in Venice is a must if you answered yes to this question.

Chill at the Boboli Gardens in Florence

3. Chill at the Boboli Gardens in Florence

The Boboli Gardens were built in 1594 and are recognized as a stunning open-air museum. Florence's largest green space is open every day and provides visitors with endless visual and sensory stimulation. Visit the famous Fountain of Neptune, the Viottolone, the Boboli Gardens Amphitheater, the Fountain of Ocean with the Isolotto, and the Grotta Grande while exploring the gardens.

Admire the serenity in Capri Island

4. Admire the serenity in Capri Island

This little retreat off the coastlines of Sorrento and Naples is known for its harsh scenery and spectacular cliffs, making it the ideal getaway location. It is one of Italy's most beautiful destinations!

This tiny but happening island is a haven for those who enjoy fancy things in life. Capri is not short of boutique shops, hotels or good restaurants. It is also the ideal destination for those seeking the Mediterranean's gorgeous jewel tones.

See the Leaning Tower of Pisa

5. See the Leaning Tower of Pisa

It is one of Italy's most remarkable sights and should not be missed. The city of Pisa was founded in 1372 and is located in Tuscany. It's no surprise that this city is famous for the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Many images of visitors have been taken in order to give the impression that they are holding the tower up.

The skyscraper took 199 years to build and now has a four per cent tilt due to soft soils that could not support the structure's weight during construction. The tower has survived four major earthquakes because of its extremely rigid construction and soft subsoil, which absorbed the vibrations and kept it standing.

6.	Hike along the fairytale lake of Carezza

6. Hike along the fairytale lake of Carezza

If you don't mind driving a little and happen to be in the vicinity of the Dolomites, Lake Carezza is a great place to visit and add to your list of things to do in Italy. This beautiful lake is encircled by towering coniferous woods. The lake's green colour distinguishes it from others, earning it the moniker "Fairytale Lake." According to mythology, a mermaid and a magician may possibly live in the lake!

Tour the Lake Como

7. Tour the Lake Como

Lake Como, also known as Lago di Como, is one of Italy's most famous lakes, and you must include it on your list of things to do in Italy! Lake Como is divided into several towns, including Como, Tremezzo, Cernobbio, Menaggio, and others.

Take a stroll along any of the town's little streets, see old centres, eat at excellent restaurants, take a boat trip, explore old churches, and more!

Cosy up at the Amalfi Coast

8. Cosy up at the Amalfi Coast

There are various ways to enjoy the glitz and glam of the Amalfi coast, from exquisite dining by the sea to relaxing on a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean. Start your day with breakfast on the beach at a good cafe. After that, go shopping in the small boutiques and have a light lunch. Get on a boat and sun yourself on the deck before jumping into the warm blue waters, and you'll realize why this is one of Italy's top destinations!


1. I am a member of an EU citizen's community. Is it true that the regulatory criteria apply to me?

The execution of your request will not be hampered if you surpass the time restriction due to a lack of scheduled appointments with the authorities. You do not need to beg for more time if the officials have given you an opportunity to prove your identity.

2. What is the time frame of residence in the Schengen area per the category of my visa?

Every day, new opportunities become accessible. The Schengen visa is a short-term visa that is attached to a valid passport in the form of a stamp. A "brief stay" is defined as a residency of "90 days in any 180-day period." This means that the overall length of stay is limited to 90 days in any 180-day period.

3. Is it possible for me to depart the Schengen area and come back with my Schengen visa?

Single-entry or multiple-entry Schengen visas are available. You are allowed to only visit the Schengen zone once with a single-entry visa. The "01" on the visa sticker denotes this.

4. I have many stopovers, one of which includes a stopover at a Schengen state airport. Is it necessary for me to submit for a transit visa or a short-term visa?

It's critical to differentiate between two scenarios:

  • Passing through the international transit area of an airport (onward travel in which you do not exit the airport's international transit area)
  • Flying across a Member State's territory, but restricted to an airport (Continued journey after leaving the airport's international transit area).
  • An airport transit visa (ATV) allows you to pass through an international transit zone at a Schengen State airport while waiting for a connecting aircraft to a non-Schengen country. You are not permitted to enter the Schengen region with the ATV (For example, to book a room or catch a flight to another Schengen country).
5. Does my former citizenship affect my ability to obtain an Italian visa?

Even when citizens of specified countries apply for visas in other Schengen states, some Schengen states may demand preliminary discussion. The consultation process in this instance could take up to seven days. Apart from that, if you have completed all of the appropriate paperwork, your citizenship will not be a stumbling block in getting your visa.

6. What is a Police Clearance Certificate, and how do I secure one?

You will require a Police Clearance Certificate from each nation where you lived in the last 12 months if you lived in more than one (except for Italy). We will preserve the original of your police clearance certificate after we have processed your request.

7. Is it possible for me to obtain my visa from one of the Italian consulates in India?

Unfortunately, the consulates of Italy in India are Honorary Consulates. They are not authorized to handle issues concerning visas. You must appear at the Italy Embassy in New Delhi after scheduling an arrangement to have your biometric information (10 fingerprints + digital image) collected and to obtain your visa.