Comprehensive Czech Republic visa from India Guide - All Details

2022 Guide, Update July 20, 2022

The Czech Republic is a small country located in central Europe, surrounded by land. It is the site of several ancient fortifications, including castles, monasteries, and magnificent old houses.

Architecture and historical structures provide cultural sites to investigate, but the natural environment also provides a lot of unique and amazing things.

If you enjoy spending time outside, you can choose from many exciting pursuits thanks to the Czech Republic's abundant woods and mountains.

It would take more than one lifetime to discover all of the hidden treasures and activities that the Czech Republic offers.

Many Indian travellers prioritize the Czech Republic as a holiday or vacation destination for all these reasons and much more.

The Czech Republic allows Indian travellers to the county provided they have a Czech Republic visa from India.

In this guide, we have Czech Republic visa information for Indian passport holders and answers to most asked questions about the Czech Republic visa from India, such as the Czech Republic visa fees for Indians and how to apply for the Czech Republic Visa for Indians more.

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What is the difference between a Schengen Czech Republic visa and a Czech Republic visa?

The difference between Schengen visas for the Czech Republic from India is that you can visit 26 countries. In contrast, you can only use the visa to visit the only Czech Republic with an independent Czech Republic visa.

How many types of Czech Republic visas for India are available?

There are two main types of Czech Republic visas for Indian passport holders; a Tourist visa and a Business visa. Each type of visa allows staying in the Czech Republic for up to 90 days and with Single/multiple entry options.

How long can I Stay in the Czech Republic based on my visa?

The Czech Republic visa for Indian citizens allows Indians to stay up to 90 Days.

What is the Cost of the Czech Republic Visa from India?

The cost of a Czech Republic Visa from India depends on the type of visa. The cost of the tourist visa fees is 8500INR, while the Czech Republic independent visa is 9800 INR.

Can Indian travel to the Czech Republic without a visa?

No, you cannot travel to the Czech Republic from India without Visa because there is no Czech Republic visa on arrival for Indian passport holders.

How early do I need to prepare to apply for a Czech Republic visa?

It is important to prepare for a Czech Republic visa from India in advance because it will take approximately two months. After an application, you have to go for a Czech Republic visa appointment in India (VFS appointment) for one month. The Czech Republic visa processing time in India takes 20 working days.

Czech Republic tourist visa from India is valid for six months. Hence you can process earlier before two months as earlier recommended. The Czech Republic tourist visa from India VFS takes place in Kochi, Chennai, Bangalore.

Our visa fees for the Czech Republic from India rates all-inclusive rates, with no complication or catch of getting additional fees or requirements like you, must buy a ticket with us.

Our Czech Republic visa fees Indian inclusive of application filling charges, Czech Republic visa charges, GST & service charges, Consulate fee & 2-way currier charges.

Visa Type Rates
Tourist visa 8500 INR
Independent Visa 9800 INR

With Travel Shop Czech Republic visa from India, processes are always offered as simplified and customized as you want. You can visit our office based on the city you live in or contact the guest service team, and they assist you remotely.

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Based on our years of experience, we know the right documents required for a Czech Republic visa from India. Therefore contact our guest service team to assist you in preparing the right documents.

Must have Documents needed for a Czech Republic visa from India.

The following are the must-have documents when applying for the Czech Republic from India.

  • At least 6 months original valid passport and with three blank pages and older passports if you have them
  • Your current 2 coloured photos with these features 35*45mm, 80% face coverage, matte finish, and white backdrop.
  • Cover letter detailing when you will be traveling and the purpose of travelling. If you are employed you can submit plain paper and the self-employed with letterhead.
  • Your original bank Statement not older than 6 months
  • The last three years income tax or form 16
  • Confirmed hotel reservation and return flight tickets
  • Travel insurance and COVID cover with a minimum 9000 INR cover
  • Verifiable Certificate of Vaccination

Additional supporting documents based on the type of Czech Republic visa from India and applicant Occupation

Heading Supporting Documents

  • Original Leave sanctioned certificate with company seal and signature;
  • Last three months' salary slip.

Self-employed supporting documents

  • Business Registration License / Memorandum of Association / Partnership deed
  • Company's most recent bank statement
  • Company's IT returns for the last three years

Retired supporting documents

  • Proof of retirement like pension book, statement, etc.

Student Documents required

  • School / College / Institute ID Card;
  • Bonafide certificate

Minor supporting documents

  • Birth Certificate;
  • No Objection Certificate from the parents / non-accompanying parent or Rs 100/- stamp paper;
  • ID proof of parent like passport or PAN card

Visiting a friend or relative supporting documents

  • Invitation letter;
  • Inviter’s ID proof like Passport or Resident Permit;
  • Address proof like any Electricity bill, any Utility bill etc.

Sponsored supporting documents

  • Sponsorship letter;
  • ID proof from the sponsor, such as a passport, PAN card, or resident permission;
  • Bank statements for the previous six months
  • Income tax records for the last three years.

May 30, 2022

Arrow COVID-19 update: From June 1, Germany will lift some travel restrictions.
From June 1, the German government will relax certain COVID-19 travel restrictions, making it easier for tourists to enter the country. Karl Lauterbach, Germany's Minister of Health, provided the update. The country's 3G rule, which requires confirmation of vaccination, recovery, or negative test results, will be repealed. Germany has thus become one of the last European Union (EU) countries to relax the COVID-19 travel rules for international travellers.

It is illegal to overstay in the Czech Republic without a visa. If you want to stay more than 90 days, you need to submit a visa application at a Czech Embassy abroad.

You are required to apply at the Czech Embassy in the state in which you are a citizen, in the state that issued your current travel document, or in which you have a long-term or permanent residence permit. It is the only acceptable location for applying.

If you are a citizen of a state that is included in the list of countries whose nationals are permitted to apply for a long-term visa at any Czech Embassy, then you do not have to meet these conditions to be granted a visa to stay in the Czech Republic for an extended period.

Our Czech Republic visa success rate in India is high; however, sometimes, the Czech Republic visa from India may get rejected. From our experience, here are some reasons why the Czech Republic Visa Applications may get rejected.

Past or present Criminal records

When applying for a visa to the Czech Republic from India, the consular officer checks the applicant's past or present Criminal Action before issuing the visa.

The finds matter a lot if the consular officer issues the applicant with a visa or not. If the applicant is found to have a criminal record leads to the visa application is rejected.

There is a possibility that the applicant will be denied a visa because they are regarded as posing a risk to the public policy, internal security, or public wealth of the Czech Republic Area.

Submitting false Travel Document

When applying for a Czech Republic visa and submitting false documents to the embassy or consulate, trying to misrepresent your identity or use a fake identity will lead to the Czech Republic from India application being rejected. In addition, there will be unfavourable consequences.

Inadequate Explanation of the Purpose and Reason of the Requested Stay

Another reason for the consular office to deny your Czech Republic visa is denying your application because you lack the necessary reason for the purpose and conditions of your intended travel and stay.

Here are several examples:

  • Failure to show an employment and professional qualification that corresponds to the financial circumstances given
  • Inability to produce supporting documentation for travel and stay in the Czech Republic Area
  • Failure to apply for a visa term by the provided trip schedule, vacation right, or revenue situation
  • The incapacity to make consistent statements on the purpose of travel and stay

Damaged Passport

The submission of a passport that has not been kept in good condition is another potential reason for a visa application to be rejected. In such situations, issues may arise, such as the pages of the passport coming loose or disappearing altogether, the passport's cover being damaged, etc.

Passport Invalidity

Providing a passport that does not meet the requirements of the Embassy or Consulate is another potential reason why the consular official would decide against granting the Czech Republic from India. The following categories are used to classify instances like these:

  • Provide a passport that is still valid at least three months after leaving the Czech Republic Area and has a validity period that is at least six months longer than the time of stay in the Czech Republic Area
  • Provide a passport that is still valid at least three months after leaving the Czech Republic Area and has a validity period that is at least six months longer than the time of stay in the Czech Republic Area
  • Using a Travel Document Booklet as identification instead of a legitimate passport
  • The presentation of a valid passport that was issued more than ten (10) years ago

Submitting Travel Itinerary without proof

Another reason your application for a visa to the Czech Republic can be ejected is that you did not show a clear plan for how you will travel within the territory of the Czech Republic. The following are examples;

  • Failure to detail where you will be touring during your visit to the Czech Republic Area
  • Being unable to provide evidence that you have accommodations reserved for each place and each night that you want to spend in the Czech Republic Area
  • Failing to be able to present a flight ticket that has been booked for each application (when a group of travellers)
  • Failure to provide travel tickets for each of the locations to be visited inside the Czech Republic Area.

It is important to know where the Czech Republic visa embassy in India is located. Below are detailed;

Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi

Belgium Embassy in INDIA

+91 112 415 52 00

+91 112 415 52 70

[email protected]

Consular section:
[email protected]

Commerce section:
[email protected]


+3, 5 hod during summertime and +4, 5 hod during wintertime

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 08.00 - 16.30

50-M, Niti Marg,
New Delhi, Delhi 110021

Most interesting Things to do in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a tourist destination because it has so much to offer to tourists.

The Czech Republic is a country in Central Europe rich in history and natural beauty. It is home to several amazing national parks, stunning little villages, and ancient castles straight out of a fairy tale.
Here we have listed the most interesting things to do in the Czech Republic not to miss when you get there.

Visit Prague Castle

1. Visit Prague Castle

The Prague Castle (Prask hrad) is the primary attraction for most tourists who come to the Czech Republic. It should be included in anyone's itinerary for Prague.

The Prague Castle, which is found in the Hradcany neighborhood of the city and dates back to the late 10th century, has been at the centre of Eastern European history for centuries.

Visit Prague's Charles Bridge

2. Visit Prague's Charles Bridge

It is impossible to pay a visit to Prague and not walk across the magnificent Charles Bridge, which is the city's most significant and historically significant river crossing (Karluv Most).

The bridge is a terrific location for photographers because of its beautiful views and because it is quite popular among travelers.

Off-peak hours like before dawn or after sunset provide the visitors a far less crowded experience and some of the best opportunities to take pictures of the scenery.

Visit St. Vitus Cathedral

3. Visit St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Wenceslas, the patron saint of the Czech people, was laid to rest at St. Vitus Cathedral, which is a part of the Prague Castle complex.

The cathedral is best renowned for housing the Bohemian Coronation Jewels and for being the tomb of St. Wenceslas.

Explore Prague's Old Town Square & Wenceslas Square

4. Explore Prague's Old Town Square & Wenceslas Square

The Old Town Square in Prague was the location of the city's very first market. Buildings dating back to the 10th century have been preserved in this city because of its strategic location at a crossroads of trade routes.

Tour Ceský Krumlov Castle

5. Tour Ceský Krumlov Castle

The Cesk Krumlov Castle is exceptionally well kept for its age and serves as a dominant landmark in the medieval town that gives the castle its name.

Although this UNESCO World Heritage Site dates back to the 13th century, most of the structures still standing today are from the 17th century. These structures include the Rosenberg Ballroom, the Renaissance Hall, the Royal Apartments, and the Chapel of St. George.

Visit Brno's Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

6. Visit Brno's Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

The stunning Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul is one of the most significant national landmarks in the Czech Republic, and it can be found perched on a hill overlooking the old city of Brno.

Explore Bone Collectors: Czech Crypts, Tombs, and Cemeteries

7. Explore Bone Collectors: Czech Crypts, Tombs, and Cemeteries

There are a lot of fascinating places in the Czech Republic dedicated to the preservation of the bones of those who were killed in battle or by diseases such as the dreadful plagues that ravaged Europe in the middle ages. These places may be found all around the country.

Visit the Colonnades and Spas of Karlovy Vary

8. Visit the Colonnades and Spas of Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary, more commonly known by its former German name, Karlsbad, is an absolute must-see destination for everyone interested in having a real European spa experience.

Visit the Clementinum and Strahov Monastery

9. Visit the Clementinum and Strahov Monastery

The city of Prague is home to three of the most beautiful historic libraries in all of Europe.

The Czech Republic's National Library is housed in the majestic Clementinum (Klementinum), which can be found in the heart of ancient Prague right opposite the Charles Bridge. This library is the country's primary repository of printed materials.

Visit Glassworks of Karlovy Vary

10. Visit Glassworks of Karlovy Vary

In addition to its many high-quality spa resorts, the charming city of Karlovy Vary is still recognized as one of the most important glassmaking centers in Europe. This economic sector has been thriving for more than 150 years.

Visit Kutná Hora

11. Visit Kutná Hora

If you can only visit one city in the Czech Republic other than Prague, it is highly recommended that you go to Kutná Hora, which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visit the Bohemian Paradise

12. Visit the Bohemian Paradise

The breathtaking Bohemian Paradise (Cesky ráj) can be found in Eastern Bohemia, which is often regarded as one of the most picturesque regions in the Czech Republic.


1. What should I know before traveling to the Czech Republic?

It is important to familiarize yourself with several basic things before traveling to the Czech Republic.

  • The Czech Republic currency is the Czech Crown and not Euro.
  • It is easy to get from one tourist attraction site because they are within walking distance.
  • Czech Republic public transport is affordable and well-connected
  • Try not to use taxis and cabs
  • There are pickpockets
  • The price of water is higher than beer

2. Do they speak English in Prague?

Yes, a significant percentage of native Czech speakers in Prague can communicate in English.

In addition, it is expected that visitors to popular tourist destinations, restaurants in the city centre, hotels, and gift shops will be fluent in the English language.

3. When is the best time to travel to the Czech Republic?

The climate of the Czech Republic is classified as continental temperate, which means that there are four distinct seasons, the hottest and most humid of which is summer and the coldest of which is winter.

The summer months are widely regarded as the busiest time of the year due to the high number of tourists, large crowds, and lengthy waits.

Keeping this in mind, the best time to go is during the shoulder season, late spring or early fall. During these times, the weather is pleasant, fewer people are around, and the conditions are ideal for engaging in activities such as hiking and other forms of outdoor recreation.

The Czech Beer Festival takes place in May and lasts for 17 days. It is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your horizons and try some beers that aren't found anywhere else.

4. Is The Czech Republic a family-friendly destination?

Yes, the Czech Republic in Central Europe is an intriguing destination for family vacations and breaks. It is dotted with historic castles, monasteries, and magnificent mansions, all of which are set within a fascinating landscape of forests and mountains laced with family-friendly walking and cycling trails.

5. What is the most visited place in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic capital, Prague, is the most visited place in the country, drawing in over 8 million people each year, with approximately 7 million visitors coming from outside the country.

Other popular tourist attractions in the Czech Republic include Lednice–Valtice Cultural Landscape, Karltejn Castle, Kutná Hora, Brno, Cesky Krumlov, Cesky Budjovice, and Olomouc.

6. What are the Basic Requirements to visit the Czech Republic?

The following are the basic requirements to visit the Czech Republic

  • Have a valid passport as well as a valid visa for the Czech Republic;
  • Having a good moral character
  • Be in good health
  • Have the ability to persuade the immigration officer that you have relatives, property, assets, and other things that would serve as an incentive for you to return to your native country;
  • You need to be able to persuade the immigration officer that you will leave the country before the expiration of your visa to enter the Czech Republic;
  • Make sure you have enough money to maintain yourself while in the Czech Republic; the exact amount you'll need may vary depending on how long you plan to stay and whether you'll be staying with family, friends or in paid lodging.
7. What are Main Airlines in the Czech Republic?

The main airlines in the Czech Republic are;

  • Csa-lines (Czech Airlines)
  • Sky travel (Travel Service)
  • Holidays Czech Airlines
  • Central Connect Airlines

Additional Information About the Czech Republic

Name : Czech Socialist Republic

Location : Central Europe

Time : IST (+) 3.30 hours

Capital : Prague

Major Cities : Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Plzeň, Libere

Language : Slovak, Polish, Czech

National day : 28 Oct

Currency : Czech Koruna (CZK)