Austria Visa From India - A Guide To An Easy Procedure

2022 Guide, Update June 07, 2022

Austria is the pinnacle of beauty, with its stunning Alpine peaks and tranquil, crystal clear lakes.

The German-speaking country, which is located in the heart of Europe, has some of the most beautiful train journeys in the world, and its capital, Vienna, has been named the most liveable city on the planet. This guide will answer common questions like “is Austria visa easy to get?”, “What are the Austria visa fees for Indian citizens?” and more similar questions.

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What is the difference between an Austrian visa and a Schengen visa?

Schengen visa holders can visit all 26 countries. However, holders with an Austria visa from India can only reside within Austria.

How many types of visas are available for Austria?

Only two types, an Austria tourist visa from India and a business visa for Austria from India (90 days) with Single/multiple entries.

How long can I Stay in the Austria area on the basis of my visa?

90 Days

What are the Austria visa fees for Indian citizens?

8000 INR for the visa fee for Austria from India/Business visa for Austria from India with Single/multi-entry.

Can Indian travel to Austria without a visa?

No, you can’t. Indian citizens have no on arrival facilities like the Thailand visa.

How early do I need to prepare to apply for Austria visa from India?

It is recommended to begin the preparations two months in advance. The VFS Austria visa appointment India takes about a month, and the Austria visa processing time India takes roughly up to 20 working days. Your tourist visa is valid for six months. Appointment VFS Global - Kochi, Chennai, Bangalore

Our rates are all-inclusive; there are no hidden costs or requirements, such as the requirement to purchase a ticket with us. Our visa fee includes application fees, Austria visa fee, GST and service charges, Consulate fees, and two-way courier fees.

Visa Type Rates
Austria Tourist visa from India 8000 INR
business visa for Austria from India 8000 INR

At TravellShop the visa processes with us are always as simple and customizable as you want them to be. You may visit our office, or our guest service team is always available to assist you remotely, depending on where you live.

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Please contact our guest service team for assistance with the proper documentation. We give this information based on our years of experience, and then you can begin compiling it.

Mandatory Documents

  • Original Passport with at least 6 months validity and minimum 3 blank pages + all old passports, if any;
  • Austria Visa Application form;
  • 2 recent colour photographs (35*45mm,80%face coverage, matte finish and white background );
  • Personal Covering letter with travelling date and purpose of visit (For Employed - Plain paper/ For Self-Employed – Company Letterhead);
  • Original updated Bank Statement (last 6 months);
  • Income Tax Returns/Form 16 for last 3 years;
  • Confirmed return flight tickets
  • Hotel reservation.
  • Day wise Itinerary;
  • Travel Insurance+covid coverage (minimum coverage 9000 INR).
  • Fully Vaccinated Certificate

Supporting documents as per your Visa type or as per your Occupation


  • Original Leave sanctioned certificate with company seal and signature
  • Last 3 months’ salary slip.

If self-employed

  • Business Registration License / MOA / Partnership deed
  • Company’s updated bank statement for last 6 months
  • Company’s IT returns for last 3 years.

If Retired

  • Proof of retirement like pension book, statement etc.

If Student

  • School / College / Institute ID Card;
  • Birth certificate

If Minor

  • Birth Certificate;
  • No Objection Certificate from the parents / non-accompanying parent or Rs 100/- stamp paper;
  • ID proof of parents like a passport or PAN card

If visiting a friend or relative

  • Invitation letter;
  • Inviter’s ID proof like Passport or Resident Permit;
  • Address proof like any Electricity bill, any Utility bill etc.

If Sponsored

  • Sponsorship letter;
  • Sponsor’s national ID proof like Passport, PAN card or Resident permit;
  • Updated bank statement for last 6 months;
  • Income tax returns for the last 3 years.

You could be deported right away, within a few hours, or in a few days. On the other hand, if you are detected working for money while overstaying your visa or engaging in unlawful activities, you will most likely be arrested and held in custody until your case goes to court.

Since we have decades of experience and are one of the best Austria visa consultants in India, we can guarantee a high Austria visa success rate for Indian citizens. We have compiled a list of the Most Common Reasons for Failed Austria visa from India.

Past or Current Criminal Actions

The applicant's previous and current situation, as well as his or her past activities, play a significant role in the consular officer's decision to issue an Austria visa. In such circumstances, the applicant may be denied because they are deemed a threat to Austria's national policy, internal security, or public wealth (i.e. terrorism, drug abuse, child abuse, addiction, and other serious crimes)

False Travel Document

Individuals (applicants) who seek to present false travel documents to the embassy or consulate, misrepresent their identity, or use a false identity all suffer the same consequences: visa denial and other negative repercussions.

Insufficient Explanation for the Purpose and Circumstances of the Planned Stay

Failure to have the appropriate explanation for the purpose and conditions of your intended trip and stay is another reason for the consular office to deny your Austria Visa. Consider the following examples:

  • Failure to show a job and professional qualifications that are compatible with the financial situation
  • Inability to present paperwork proving the purpose of travel and stay in Austria.
  • Failure to apply for a visa in accordance with the provided travel schedule, vacation right, or financial circumstances
  • Inability to make consistent statements concerning the purpose of travel and stay

Damaged Passport

Presenting a passport that has not been kept in excellent shape could be a basis for a visa refusal. For example, when passport pages are detaching or missing, or when the passport cover is damaged, and so on.

Passport Invalidity

Presenting a passport that is not suitable for the Embassy or Consulate is another reason for the consular officer to deny your visa application. The following are the classifications for such cases:

  • Presenting a passport with a validity period of less than three (3) months after returning from a visit to the Austrian Area.
  • Presenting a passport that does not have two blank visa pages
  • Instead of a valid passport, a Travel Document Booklet is presented.
  • Having a valid passport that is at least ten (10) years old

Lack of Proof with the Travel Itinerary

Another reason for the failure of an Austrian Visa application is the inability to submit a proper travel plan within the Austrian territory. Here are a few examples:

  • Applying at the incorrect Austrian Embassy (not being able to determine the main destination of your visit in the Austria Area)
  • and Not being able to show that you have a reservation for each destination and each night you plan to spend in Austria.
  • Not being able to present each candidate with a confirmed flying ticket (when a group of travellers)
  • Not being able to provide transport tickets for each destination in the Austrian area to be visited.

Austrian Embassy in INDIA

011 2419 2700

Hours: Open
Closes 4 PM

EP-13, Chandragupta Marg,
Chanakyapuri, New Delhi,
Delhi 110021

Most Interesting Things to do in Austria

Explore Vienna Zoo

1. Explore Vienna Zoo

The Vienna Zoo is the world's oldest operating zoo. It is located on the Schönbrunn Castle grounds and is a vibrant site to drop by while visiting the palace. This zoo, which boasts more than 700 animals, is both historical and biologically rich, making it a tourist attraction. It has been named the best zoo in Europe for the sixth year straight.

Visit Schonbrunn Palace

2. Visit Schonbrunn Palace

The Schonbrunn Palace gardens, which are worldwide, are a sensory delight. These enormous gardens, set against the beautiful palace, are a superb leisure destination and are rich in cultural and historical value. Schönbrunn is, without a doubt, one of Europe's finest rococo castles.

Visit Salzburg Cathedral

3. Visit Salzburg Cathedral

The Salzburg cathedral is one of Salzburg's most exquisite Baroque structures in Europe. It is a place full of architectural splendour, with walls of grey stone surrounded by a perimeter of tall domes and detailed sculptures. Visitors are met by the magnificent Untersberg Marble façade. Looking down from it are four monumental statues: Apostles Peter and Paul carrying a key and a sword, as well as Rupert and Virgil, Salzburg's patron saints, gripping a salt vessel and a model of the church.

Seegrotte Underground Lake Boat Ride

4. Seegrotte Underground Lake Boat Ride

Seegrotte was once a gypsum mine that was flooded and changed into an underground grotto with small lakes. It's a fantastic experience to go boating around the lakes. With the exception of World War II, it became a tourist magnet in 1930 and has remained so ever since. The lake lies 60 meters below ground, with a 6200 m2 water surface and pumps to keep the water level low. The ancient mine can be toured, and visitors can take a boat ride across the underground lake.

Visit Hofburg Palace

5. Visit Hofburg Palace

The Hofburg is a massive palace complex in Vienna's core, and it houses several museums, a church and chapel, the Austrian National Library, and the President of Austria's office. Visiting the Hofburg Palace is one of the essential things to do in Austria. The visit is made unforgettable by the Baroque elements, sculptures, religious spaces, and rich history.

Explore Ehrenberg Castle Ruins

6. Explore Ehrenberg Castle Ruins

This historic Gothic castle, located in the Tyrolean countryside, was once the home of monarchs, tsars, and princes; it still manages to attract tourists despite its deteriorating state.

The ruins of Ehrenberg Castle are the centrepiece of one of Central Europe's most prominent fortress complexes. The Baroque Schlosskopf Fortress stands above it. The Ehrenberger Klause, on the other hand, forms a defensive barrier in the valley below. Ehrenberg was originally a powerful defence base, administrative centre, and customs station. Today, the four fortifications are known as Ehrenberg's "Burgenwelt (Castle World)."


1. How much are the Austria tourist visa fees from India?

A receipt shows your payment of 12300 INR, which is a non-refundable nonimmigrant visa application processing fee that should be paid in local currency.

2. What is the Austria visa processing time India?

The visa to Austria from India takes 15 days.

The processing time for an Austrian Schengen visa from India may take up to 15 days in regular circumstances. Due to the high volume of applications received by the Austrian embassy/consulate or the uniqueness of your case, this period may be prolonged to 30 days.

3. Is Austria open?

Temporary restrictions are still in effect due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Austria welcomes travellers from all around the world as long as they have the proper documentation. People who meet the Austrian Schengen visa requirements can get a visa for Austria from India.

4. Is Austria open for tourism?

Travellers without any 3G choices are permitted to enter Austria but must register (pre-travel clearance) and undergo a 10-day quarantine period. The quarantine period will come to an end when the test results are negative. Learn more about immunizations that are accepted, Covid Tests, and Recovery Proof.

5. What is a red white red card in Austria?

The "Red-White-Red Card" allows the holder to have a temporary settlement an employment opportunity with a certain employer. It is appropriate for people who plan to live in Austria permanently. Only if the applicant can demonstrate appropriate employment may the "Red-White-Red Card" be issued.

6. Does Immigration check your bank account?

Yes, the UCIS will verify your bank account details with the help of the bank.

During Visa Issuance
7. Can embassies check bank accounts?

Can the embassy counter-check the amount with the bank if you submit a bank statement for a visa application? Yes, and they will double-check the balance.

8. What is proof of sufficient funds for travel?

How do I show that I have sufficient funds to travel? Obtain a bank certificate, a bank statement, or both. A bank certificate is a one-page document that verifies that you have an account with that particular branch. Frequently, the most recently available balance is displayed.

9. How much does it cost to sponsor a tourist visa?

You must have a minimum of 400000 INR in your savings account. Anything less may raise suspicions and end in visa refusal. Visas & Immigration do not indicate the amount of money that is permissible. Therefore this is a result of referring to a number of visa refusal letters, allowing us to deduce this.

10. Is a bank statement necessary for a visa?

Providing sufficient proof of financial stability is critical, Your bank statement is necessary for any visa application, whether for a tourist, business, visit, employment, or student visa.

11. How much money do you need to sponsor someone?

A minimum yearly salary of 17,50,000 INR is necessary to sponsor a spouse or family member for a green card. This implies that the sponsor – a US citizen or current green card holder — is not serving in the military and is only sponsoring one relative.

12. Who can enter Austria right now?

Indian nationals can now travel to Austria for vacations after spending 10 days in any secure country or receiving a Covishield double vaccination. Quarantine is no longer required because the Indian vaccination Covishield has been approved for entry into Austria.

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