All you need to know about Dubai visa from India - Latest Visa Guide 2022

Dubai visa from India – 2022 Guide

Checkout out comprehensive guide to Dubai visa from India & new covid updates which will be helpful when you are planning your trip to Dubai. Please contact Travel Shop team India get Dubai visa within 1-2 days and express visas delivered in 4-8 hours

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01. Eligibility

It is very simple for an Indian national to obtain a visa to Dubai. Local travel agents with offices in Dubai have made it so simple for over a decade. In order to be able to apply for a visa to Dubai, there are no special requirements. To obtain a visa, all you need is a return ticket, a passport with a 6-month validity, and negative PCR tests.

02. Documents Required

  • a scanned color copy of your passport's first and last pages in JPG format
  • a scanned color copy of your passport-size photo with a white backdrop and saved in JPG format Avoid taking photos that are blurry or unclear.
  • a copy of the applicant's PAN card
  • Copies of friends' or relatives' passports who live in Dubai (recommended)
  • Proof of residence in Dubai from friends or relatives (recommended)
  • Alternate local contact information for two Dubai-based friends or relatives (recommended)
  • Return air ticket that has been confirmed (not mandatory for application)

03. Rates – Dubai visa Prices from India

Visa Type Rate Processing Time Stay Period Validity Entry Type
48 HOURS DUBAI VISA Rs.2000/- 2-3 working days 48 Hours 28 days Single
96 HRS DUBAI VISA Rs.3000/- 2-3 working days 96 Hours 28 days Single
30 DAYS DUBAI VISA Rs.6500/-(adult)
Rs. 1700(Child)
3-4 working days 30 Days 58 days Single
30 DAYS DUBAI EXPRESS VISA Rs.8000/- 24 hours 30 Days 58 days Single
30 DAYS DUBAI MULTIPLE ENTRY Rs.14,500/- 3-4 working days 30 days 58 days Multiple
Rs. 14000/- (child)
1-2 working days 96 Hours - -
90 DAYS DUBAI VISA Rs.14500/-(Adult)
Rs. 2700/- (child)
3-4 working days 90 Days 58 days Single
90 DAYS DUBAI EXPRESS VISA Rs.16000/- 24 hours 90 Days 58 days Single
90 DAYS DUBAI MULTIPLE ENTRY DUBAI Rs.35500/- 3-4 working days 90 Days 58 days Multiple
90 Days Inside Renewal Rs.25000/-(Adult)
Rs. 15000/- (Child)
- - - -

Note: Child offer is valid only if the child is below 18 years of age and applied along with parents.

04. Process

For a seamless and stress-free process, make sure to find a reliable firm.

1Contact the local travel agency like ours
2Figure out what kind of UAE Visa you need
3Prepare the required documents for your Visa
4Prepare the supporting documents for your UAE Tourist Visa
5Send your documents to us
6Our office in Dubai prepare the application
7Apply via the immigration you requested
8Visa approval
9Book your return flight ticket
10Do your PCR test in India
11Get your travel insurance to Dubai
12Get ready to fly to Dubai
Contact the local travel agency like ours

You will require a sponsor or a local travel agency before applying for a Dubai Visa. This is something that an airline or a hotel can accomplish as well. You can send a WhatsApp message to the travel shop.

Figure out what kind of UAE Visa you need

There are three distinct types of Dubai visa types for Indian. For Indians, there are three sorts of visas available in Dubai: transit, tourist, and visit visas.

  • Visit Visa - sponsored by relatives or friends who live in the United Arab Emirates. Available for a period of 30 or 90 days.
  • Tourist Visa - Tourists are allowed to stay in the UAE for 30 days if they are sponsored by UAE airlines, hotels, or travel companies.
  • Transit Visa - Valid for 96 hours and 14 days from the date of issue if you have a valid passport and a confirmed booking to your third destination, or if you must depart the UAE within 96 hours of arrival or 14 days after the visa is issued, or if you have a confirmed hotel reservation in the UAE.
Prepare the paperwork you will need for your visa.

The requirement to apply for the visa is a scanned colour copy of the first and last page of your passport in JPG format, as well as a scanned colour copy of your passport size photograph in white background and JPG format. The rest of the documents are requested to verify yourself. Send the paperwork to the travel shop team electronically, or bring your passport to our office and we will scan it.

Prepare the paperwork you will need for your UAE tourist visa.

Typically, airline sponsors will request a booking under their airline, and hotel sponsors will request a booking under their accommodations.

Please send us your documents.

After you've gathered all of your documents and sent them to us, we'll handle the rest of your application through our Dubai office, and all you have to do now is wait 24-48 hours.

The application is prepared by our Dubai office.

Our Dubai staff investigates factors such as which emirate you fly, whether minors are traveling, whether the trip is urgent or routine, and which airline you are flying, before completing the required Dubai visa application form and making necessary arrangements such as boarding passes.

Apply through the immigration service you requested.

We normally apply for immigration in Dubai because it is a simple process, but we also apply in Abu Dhabi. Tourist permits to Abu Dhabi have been suspended as a result of the protests, and only Dubai is currently available.

Obtaining a visa

The visa usually takes 24-48 hours to obtain; it is an e-Visa, and you will receive a PDF file.

Purchase a return flight ticket.

After you've received your visa, you can book your flight. If you have a clear itinerary, you can book your return flight right away. If you are unsure, book a one-way ticket and a changeable or refundable ticket for the return.

Test your PCR in India

A negative COVID19 RT- PCR test certificate should be available for a test done no more than 72 hours before departure which is required for all travellers who are travelling to Dubai from any point of origin.

Get your Dubai travel insurance now.

There are several types of travel insurance available that cover both emergency and non-emergency situations. Get your travel insurance, which is a must.

Prepare to fly to Dubai.

To fly to Dubai, print your visa, flight ticket, PCR test, and insurance.

On arrival, PCR is performed.

On arrival at Dubai International Airport, passengers arriving from India would be asked to do another COVID19 PCR test.

05. What you can and What you cannot do in the UAE

Can Do

You can go to Dubai and participate in a variety of activities:

  • Spend time with friends and family; take a vacation; or enrol in a 30-day recreational course, such as a dance class.
  • You can visit Dubai for a variety of business reasons, including attending meetings, conferences, trade shows, and contract negotiations.
  • Able to attend job interviews

Can't do

Many people believe that they may get a tourist visa and work illegally in Dubai. Staying in the UAE illegally and working will get you into a lot of trouble. Here is a list of things you can’t do in Dubai:

  • Do paid or unpaid work for a Dubai company or as a self-employed person.
  • Overstay your visa and fines will pile up every day.
  • Marry or register a civil partnership, or give notice of marriage or civil partnership.
  • anyone caught begging in the UAE will be fined AED 5,000 and imprisoned for a term of up to three months

06. Extend your stay

Travellers can extend their Dubai tourist visas in a variety of ways through our Dubai office.

Extension to your first visa

Dubai has loosened its visa extension procedure, allowing visitors to extend their first visa twice within the UAE without having to leave the country. The Dubai tourist visa can be renewed a maximum of two times, for a total of 60 days. Depending on how you do it, extending your Dubai visa can be done for a nominal price. Please be aware that extending a visa on the last day will result in a fine of AED 100, so plan your extension to be completed a few days before the visa expires. People on a visit or tourist visas in Dubai can now get a 30-day visa extension twice (for a total of 60 days) without having to leave the country, thanks to recent visa regulations.

Airport to airport visa change

If you intend to remain longer, the best way to do it is to take a visa flight. This alternative allows you to obtain a fresh Dubai visa by flying to a nearby nation. Because it is now possible to extend your tourist visa, changing your visa from one airport to another is the most cost-effective option to renew your current tourist visa for the long term. You simply enter the other country's departure terminal without entering the airport and fly back to the UAE from there. When you return to the UAE, you can apply for a 30-day or 90-day tourist visa. Most nationalities may relate to this. Previously, only Sharjah Airport could extend a visa, but now it may be done from any airport in the UAE.

In-country visa and status change

With our new Dubai visa change without exit package, you can extend your visa without leaving the country. Why go to the trouble of leaving the nation and then returning when you may change your status without leaving?

There will be no more long waits in airports or bus rides to Oman. The new visa extension inside the country package is now available at Travel Shop. The 30-day and 90-day packages are both reasonably priced. The applicant should submit their documents at least 2-3 days before the deadline. This can be done from the comfort of your own home. The applicant will not be required to leave the country.

07. If you're under 18

The majority of parents who work in Dubai frequently inquire about the minimum age at which a child can fly into Dubai alone. Is it possible for them to be accompanied by someone who isn't their parent?

The restrictions and regulations on unaccompanied kids can vary depending on the airline and the airport's immigration requirements. It is critical to check with the individual airline as well as the airport from which you are departing to ensure that the minor can fly without difficulty. These are the rules that airlines located in the UAE follow for passengers under the age of 12.

Emirates airlines

While children aged five to eleven can travel alone, they must fly on an adult tariff, according to the Emirates Airlines website. Because they are not mature enough to be the child's guardian, this fare also applies when they travel with an older child under the age of 18. For children aged five to eleven who are flying alone, parents can arrange a "Unaccompanied Minors" service. This option is available at the time of booking. For minors aged 12 to 15, the airline also offers a paid Unaccompanied Minors service. According to the airlines, children under the age of eight who travel in a different cabin class than their parent or guardian are considered unaccompanied minors and must fly on an adult rate, as are children under the age of eleven who travel with them. Children over the age of 12 are already able to fly on an adult fare and on their own.


According to the Etihad Airlines website, your child may or may not be able to fly alone depending on their age. It is not permissible for children under the age of five to fly alone. They must always travel with a parent or guardian. Children aged five to eleven can take use of a free ‘Unaccompanied Minor' option, which can be specified when booking a flight. However, the reservation must be made on a regular adult fare. Children aged 12 to 17 are allowed to travel with an adult on their own ticket. Parents can, however, reserve the unaccompanied minor service for this age range if they so desire. Unaccompanied minors are not permitted to be escorted by passengers aged 12 to 17.

When making a reservation, the guardian must fill out the unaccompanied minor form, which includes the itinerary details as well as the guardian who will drop off and pick up the minor. Unaccompanied minors must be escorted to the airport and met upon arrival by the parent or guardian listed on the unaccompanied Minor form, according to Etihad. At check-in, the parent or guardian must accompany the child and ensure that the child has the necessary forms and documents to travel alone. At least two hours prior to your child's flight, a check-in must be completed.

08. Covid updates

Many of the passengers from India requested tourist visa for Dubai from India during covid-19, and many Indians had been waiting for months to visit Dubai. Due to an unexpected surge in covid cases, UAE authorities have temporarily halted flights to Indian towns.

On August 22, 2021, there will be a new update.

Passengers holding Indian, Pakistani, Nepalese, Nigerian, Sri Lankan, or Ugandan passports can enter Dubai on tourist visas if they have not visited or entered these countries in the previous 14 days, according to local’s newspaper Khaleej time updated

09. Dubai visa on arrival for Indian

Indian people with a standard passport valid for at least six months from the date of arrival, a visit visa or green card issued by the United States that is valid for at least six months, or a UK or EU resident can get a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 14 days for AED120 (subject to change). They can pay AED 250 to prolong their stay for an additional 14 days (subject to change). Passengers flying to Dubai must have a negative Covid19 RTPCR test certificate valid for 72 or 48 hours before departure, depending on their point of origin. An authorized facility in the passenger's departure country must issue the PCR test certificates. Certificates that have already been submitted for travel to another place, even though they are still valid, cannot be used for readmission.

If you want to prolong your stay, you must go to the nearest immigration office; we cannot provide any services if you choose the on-arrival visa option, and if you want to stay longer, you must apply for a new tourist visa, which will cost you more than getting a visa before leaving India.

10. UAE online visa government website

In India, there are numerous bogus travel businesses which are issuing fake visas; therefore, you must check your visa status to ensure a smooth and trouble-free arrival. There is an official webpage where you may verify the validity of your visa before booking your tickets or PCR.

11. Reasons for Dubai Visa to be Rejected

Dubai visa rejections can usually occur for a variety of reasons. Dubai visa applications are handled at immigration, and the immigration procedures have the exclusive discretion to deny them. When a Dubai visa application is denied, the reason for the denial is sometimes disclosed and most of the time kept confidential by the Consulate. It is critical that you follow the directions of the visa expert in charge of your processing to guarantee that your Dubai visa is not rejected during the processing stage. Your visa processing officer should be well-versed in your travel history and, also if applicable, any occurrences of overstaying. The following mentioned below are some of the most common reasons for Indians being denied a Dubai visa.

  • If you previously had a residence visa and left the country without cancelling it. The PRO will have to go to the immigration authorities and clear your previous residency visa in order to receive clearance.
  • The UAE Immigration Department will automatically refuse handwritten passports.
  • Applicants who have committed a previous criminal offence, fraud, or misbehaviour in the UAE will be denied a visa.
  • If you had previously filed for a tourist visa but had not been granted permission to enter the nation. The PRO of the travel agency or sponsor must go to immigration to clear the previous UAE visa in order to receive clearance.
  • Applicants who filed for a work visa through a corporation (potential employer) but were denied.
  • If a visa application contains typos in the name, passport number, or profession code, the application will be delayed or the passport will be rejected.
  • When photos of the passport copies are not clear or blurred when applied in the online UAE immigration system, the approval might get delayed or rejected.

12. Visa to Abu Dhabi

Indian expatriate is the largest ethnic community in the UAE is estimated to be 3.42 million people (according to the UN Population Division's International Migrant Stock 2019, released by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA)), accounting for nearly 30% of the country's population. About 15% of the diaspora lives in Abu Dhabi, with the rest in the six northern Emirates, including Dubai.

Is obtaining a visa in Abu Dhabi different from obtaining one in Dubai?

The majority of Indians who come to Abu Dhabi prefer to obtain an Abu Dhabi visa from Abu Dhabi immigration. Yes, numerous travel firms in Abu Dhabi can help you obtain an Abu Dhabi visa, including our sister company Arooha Tours Abu Dhabi. Due to the covid lockdown, Abu Dhabi does not issue tourist visas, and visitors must go to Abu Dhabi via the Abu Dhabi border via road. The procedure for acquiring a visa in Abu Dhabi is similar to that which is done in Dubai and Sharjah.

13. Visa to Sharjah

A large number of Indian nationals live in Sharjah, and to visit Sharjah, you can apply for a Sharjah tourist visa or a Dubai tourist visa. Dubai and Sharjah are both part of the Emirates, and you can remain and visit Sharjah with any visa.

14. Visa samples

A large number of Indian nationals live in Sharjah, and to visit Sharjah, you can apply for a Sharjah tourist visa or a Dubai tourist visa. Dubai and Sharjah are both part of the Emirates, and you can remain and visit Sharjah with any visa.

Dubai e-visa sample

Abu Dhabi e-Visa sample

15. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)